The Queen of Comfort: Taylor Jay Inside her Castle of Comfort

“I want you to feel good, too” says CEO and founder of Taylor Jay Collection, Taylor Jay when asked about the ethos of her brand. For the Oakland store owner, Bay Area native—Taylor Jay collection has always been about providing women comfortable basics that extend past seasonality and trend. “We partnered with Solespace because they […]

Inside Her Kingdom: Sherri McMullen on Oakland & Beyond

A warm Spring day in Oakland, as I make my way to McMullen on the corner of Grand Ave in Uptown, Oakland. Uptown Oakland, for better or worse, is on the rise. High price condos, the onslaught of chains inhabiting retail spaces, and the removal of what Oakland was: real. Luckily, the Oakland residents have […]

On Being Empathetic, Honest, And Herself: Soleil Ho Talks Food

It’s an early Monday morning as Mazarine coffee connoisseurs line up for their artisanal caffeinated brews. It’s the hour of morning when eyes are still half-mast, the city does a salutation stretch. The sidewalks are rolled back out. I sit outside enjoying a finally sunny day in San Francisco, a rare occasion that the weather […]

Diversity From A Modeling Agents Perspective: How Do We Represent All Women In A World Built On One Image?

Diversity: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially : the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization. Diversity in the fashion industry is a hot topic right now. But why just now? What brought us to this […]


It was a windy evening in San Francisco’s Union Square; I was standing in front of the Victoria’s Secret store. Lingerie from the latest runway collection including the VS angels’ wings were on display. “Wow, this one was worn by Kendall Jenner,” said a young woman. Her friends nodded and they both entered the store. […]

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