If You Weren’t Aware… San Francisco, We Got the Beats

We are gratefully accustomed to the radical San Francisco. A city that leans so far left it is almost happily upside down. To live here too long is to believe that the world is much more politically woke and socially aware than in fact it truly is. We are a liberal bubble in many regards, […]

Pitch to Bob Cut: Write your Bay Area Story

Bob Cut wants to redefine what a site about the San Francisco Bay Area can be. In addition to our coverage of SF’s many openings, people you have to meet, and stories of the outdoors, we aim to publish conversational, passionate articles that cover the many intersections of living, being, and belonging in the Bay Area […]

Paint the Town Green: John Green Hits the Bay This Week

Everyone’s favorite YA author (and let’s not lie, we’ve read his books as “adults,” too) is coming to the Bay this week— and you can still get tickets. John Green graced us with a new novel this month after a six-year break. Now, he’s gracing the Bay with his literary presence. That’s right, the man […]

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