Big Beauty Edit 2018

Big Beauty Edit 2018

As we enter a new spring, the Bob Cut editors have been diligently vetting and testing various local beauty and skincare brands. Of course, our opinion is just a drop in the bucket, we want to offer you, the reader, the very best that we could find. So without further ado, all eyes on our top 15 local beauty + skincare brands—let’s get hydrated together.

// Photography by Anthony Rogers, reporting by Anthony Rogers + Isabella Welch, tested by the editors of Bob Cut Mag. Design by Tin Dinh.

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Brandless’ Lemon Verbena Beauty Bundle

Church Barber’s Aromatic Barbering Services

Mother Dirt’s BIOME-Friendly Moisturizer

SkinOwl’s Turmeric Beauty Bar

Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Mask

Etta + Billie’s Horchata Soap

Lilah b.’s Skin Illuminator

Love Lacquer Bar: Feminist Nail Salon in Berkeley

Benefit Cosmetics’ Roller Lash Curling Mascara

AMA Seabeauty’s Juice Sea & Sealution Travel Pack

Etta + Billie’s Chai Tea Room and Body Spray

Cocokind’s Organic Chlorophyll Mask

EO Products’ Ageless Skin Care Transformative Night Serum

Cocokind’s MYMATCHA Stick

The Nail Room’s Nail Art in the Inner Richmond

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