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It’s one of the most celebrated holidays in California’s history. No, it’s not Christmas— though for some, they could equate the two. You guessed it—it’s 4/20.

Now that recreational cannabis is legal to consume, sell, and use, we couldn’t wait to put together this list of chic and boutique brands that the Bay Area is loving and living for. Of course, this isn’t every single cannabis brand in SF alone. There are ions more but as we serve you (the reader) we’re always making sure that the people, places, and bites we feature are highly accessible. Everything to body soaks, CBD honey, and even an interior decked out lounge, SF knows how to do a cannabis brand right. So without further delay, we’re excited to present our editor’s picks for 4/20, 2018. Go off and get lit, gang!

// Photography courtesy of the businesses listed, additional reporting by Libby Cooper, Isabella Welch, and Anthony Rogers. Design by Tin Dinh, illustration by Tiffany Nassirian




In case you were looking for your next go-to dispensary that warmly welcomes you at the door, Apothecarium in the Castro is the ticket. Sporting luxe interiors, multiple customer service desks, and a little shopping area for local toking wares—the spot has a one-stop shop sense of appeal on Market St. Don’t let us be your judge, go NOW! —AR


Harvest Shop is a go to dispensary in San Francisco. With two locations, one in the Richmond and one in Bernal Heights, it’s convenient no matter which side of the city you live on. What makes Harvest different from other dispensary experiences is it normalizes the weed shopping experience. You can walk around to shelves and pick up any item you want to buy and simply put them in your shopping basket. The staff are always helpful and the interior design is killer. Not to mention, they carry the best products on the market. —LC

Grass Roots

A Bay Area denizen since 1999, Grass Roots has rigorously contributed to constructive change in perception, both for their customers and the local regions alike. This spot in the Tenderloin goes the extra mile to really educate their customer on products, strains, and the long term effects they may have. Also, might we add, their FAQ section on their website is thorough, educational, and asks all the questions you may have. —AR 

Barbary Coast

If your into a mix of pirate, Godfather, and jazzy cabana vibes—Barbary Coast in SoMa is your home base. This space provides a safe, clean, comfortable atmosphere for their clients to browse, get helpful recommendations, and relax and enjoy (now) recreational cannabis. In their own words, “there is no other club in San Francisco like us.” Again, be the judge yourself. Off you go. —AR

Urban Pharm

You guys, get into this gig: Steampunk. dispensary. Our Bioshock hearts are being lifted and elevated so magically. Another fabulous point to this particular dispensary is that they pride themselves on a “Pharm-to-table” concept. Essentially: they are intimately tapped into the NorCal cultivation scene and have spent years curating relationships with the most renowned and respected farmers, extract laboratories, and edible manufacturers in California. Keepin’ it local, just the way we like it. —AR


HoneyPot Supply

Made by local hands, HoneyPot Supply is bringing the quality of honey and CBD into your life. We recently just covered their STEAP TEA x HoneyPot Supply collab and man, the CBD life is just too real. They make the honey with two simple ingredients differentiated by other edible marijuana products—made with both quality and craftsmanship. Each delicious serving of raw, USDA organic, Grade A wildflower honey is thoughtfully balanced with cannabis extracted using clean, solventless Co2, ensuring purity. Boom. —AR

Ritual Drops

Ritual Drops have a line of three drops: Daytime, Anytime, and Nighttime. Our favorite is the Nighttime with its potent 1:4 CBD:THC ratio. It is specially formulated to provide the perfect nights sleep—and boy, does it work! With ingredients like vetiver root, vanilla, and lavender essential oils, it it definitely does the trick at providing a deep and full slumber. Make sure to take your drops before bed and allow a full 8 hours to sleep to wake up feeling rested and refreshed the next morning. —LC

Petra Cannabis-Infused Mints

Just a little something to take the edge off. No, but really. These tiny angels will sneak into your system like a well-timed recess from adult-life anxiety. We’re talking daytime or nighttime, stressed or straight chilling. And believe us when we say Petra gives a darn about bang for your buck. This little canister is chalk-full of matcha mints, meaning you’ll be living the high life for quite awhile before it’s time for a restock. —IW


Van der Pop

Because why can’t your goods be carried in a chic, concealable bag—Van der Pop has the answer, of course. The brand aims to curate and create cannabis experiences for the modern woman. Everything from her sex life to her fashion choices, Van der Pop is with you every step of the way. The Poppin is a stylish leather bag that has affectionately been named from Ms. Mary Poppins and her bag of treats to help the medicine go down. —AR

Wandering Bud

Wandering Bud is the brainchild of Riley Ann Shaw, a brilliant ceramist from the Midwest. Her one of a kind pieces are beautifully made in her home pottery studio. She makes everything from hilarious mustache joint holders to stunning ashtrays. Some fan favorites are her classic one-hitters – which come in a variety of colors—and her stash jars. All her pieces are ideal for the modern cannabis smoker. —LC


From the mouth of our community members, Dosist in Relief simulates the “feeling of taking off your bra off at the end of a long day.” By those words, we will happily buy six. A CBD-rich formula that has a balance of a 2:1 THC-to-CBD designed to ease a variety of pain conditions. This formula can provide excellent relief for mild to moderate pain. The pre-filled dose pen offers over 200 doses (2.25mg per dose) and ensures a precise dose every time. Technology is crazy. —AR


Papa and Barkley

When we asked our community about their favorite topicals, Papa and Barkley rang true again and again and the consensus is in. This balm was shared for the relief of “staring at a computer all day.” This formula delivers hours of pain relief in an all-natural, botanical balm that is infused in a coconut oil soak process that is “unmatched for potency and terpene content.” Also coming in a cute little jar, Instagram laydowns will have their frenzy. —AR

Om Edibles Bath Soak

Nothing beats a cannabis bath soak after a long day at work, and Om Edibles makes the best epsom salt soaks around. Choose from essential oil scented soaks such as Lemon Ginger and Rose Geranium, and totally unwind. A bath without adding Om’s cannabis hydrotherapy seems like a total waste once you experience its benefits. We know first hand that it’s perfect for aches and pain, as well as stress, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. It will work wonders on your skin and leave you feeling renewed. —LC


We love every product from Apothacanna, but the Extra Strength Relieving Creme has a special place in our hearts. Unlike other cannabis topicals formulated for pain, this Creme is packed with arnica, a medicinal herb that reduces swelling, bruising, itching, and pain. The powerful combination of arnica and cannabis makes this Extra Strength topical a winner. Use it for everything from neck pain to period cramps. It conveniently comes in two sizes – we like keeping the 2oz travel size in our bag at all times. —LC


Mowellen’s The Keeper’s Stash

Avocado and honey already have superpowers as far as we’re concerned, what with their positive affect on skin, antimicrobial qualities, and general mighty health benefits. This product takes those two powerful natural ingredients and unites them with a third: hemp oil. The result is honey that induces a deeper state of calm, lifted mood, and overall decreased anxiety and irritability. Put that in your tea and stir it. —IW

Défoncé Chocolates

Défoncé kicks the chocolate game up a notch with its cannabis element, but this isn’t a passing trend or gimmick. The company takes the quality, consistency, and ratios of their product very seriously, ultimately giving way to a bar with exceptional flavor and effect. Flavors include dark, vanilla, matcha, hazelnut, and coffee. —IW

More about our writers:


Libby Cooper—LC: Libby was Eaze’s first Creative Director, where her mission was to make marijuana mainstream. She led the design + photography team, and created ad campaigns for billboards and public transportation. In addition to Eaze, she has built and designed some of California’s most prominent cannabis brands. Now, Libby focuses on her own art and cannabis projects full time. // Find her on Instagram @libbycooper.

Anthony Rogers—AR: Anthony is Bob Cut’s Editor in Chief, he helms the creative and art direction of both the printed and digital arms of Bob Cut. Although Anthony is not a cannabis connoisseur, he believes that an industry that supports sustainable growing whilst giving back to the community is a big reason why cannabis in the Bay Area is as successful as it is. // You can follow Anthony at @bobcutmag.

Isabella Welch—IW: Isabella is the Associate Editor of Bob Cut Mag, in which she primarily leads the arts, culture, and interview copy for the site and print magazine. She is interested in exploring the new narrative of cannabis in the city and country at large, particularly as it pertains to consumer products and services, although her true professional forte lies elsewhere. But hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good weed mint, San Francisco?


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