Class Of 2019



The Bay Area has been a longstanding center of comers and goers. People enter this city with the hopes of laying down roots that will eventually catapult them into a promising future. Although some fall short, there are a handful who succeed and create an ecosphere around them, pulling others in with a somewhat gravitational force. In true Bob Cut spirit, we always aim to honor those who capitalize on making space for others while remaining true to themselves.

We welcome you to our Class Of 2019

Some of the Bay Area’s inspirational thinkers, doers, and needle-pushers. Go and click any of the polaroids to read how, where, and why they began their own Bay Area journeys.

Please join us on Oct. 22nd, 2019 at 6:30PM to come and meet the Class Of 2019 as we sit down with them to talk career, living in the Bay, and how their respective career paths shaped them into who they are today. Find free tickets down below!

// Reporting by Jordan Tachibana, Destiny Velazquez, Christopher Chang, Isabella Welch; Photography by Anthony Rogers, Tin Dinh, Simone Anne.




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