Shouts Into the Void: Apartment Hunting or Soul Crushing?

So you got the job, or you’ve ditched your hometown. Whether you hail from some burrough of the Bay or out yonder across the globe, you’ve now found yourself in the position of needing a place to live in our fair city of San Francisco. So, you turn to Craigslist, that shining pillar of online […]

In The Thick of The Sugar: My Summer Living with a Professional Sugar baby

Summers have always been a time to discover yourself, get closer with friends, try new things—my summer in 2015 was just that. A summer learning about the world around me, and how my life choices changed who I was. In San Francisco wealth is abundant, there is no shortage of riches going around.  Coming out […]

You’re Caught Outside Without Your Keys—7 Stages Of Grief

So you’ve forgotten your keys inside your San Francisco apartment—happens to the best of us. Though your roommates aren’t home, unable to let you in, your friends aren’t picking up their texts and you don’t have neighbors. C’est La Vie. But if you’re ample enough to stay outside and bear the fruit of desolation, these […]

Going From 300 Square Feet To 150 Square Feet—4 Key Steps To Making It Work

When in SF, downscaling is never fun (especially when the rent upscales) but we have to make due and sometimes it’s better to seize the opportunity. So for those who have been on the move, finding sunrooms, closets, and other smaller quarters to call home—we’ve carefully thought of how to turn your space into a […]

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