Ashley Batz

Bay Area Beats: Tank & The Bangas

At times it’s hard to tell whether Tarriona Ball is the frontman of a ten-piece band or the greatest fourth grade teacher on earth. Equal parts Kendrick Lamar, equal parts Mr. Rogers in oversized patchquilt pants, Ball fronts Tank & The Bangas as a woman joyfully possessed by the moment, one that is both inarguably […]

Style’d SF: Kamryn Dame Is Any Chic Style Mavens Friend

// Make sure to shop the collection here and ogle at the other gorgeous pieces of hardware. Written by Anthony Rogers, photographs by Ashley Batz and jewelry by Nazy Fotoohi — Meet the makers you didn’t know you needed to meet. Also, subscribe to our newsletter and never miss the best.

One Photographer’s 24-Hour Photo Expose Turns Into A Day Of Self Discovery

On July 5th, 2016, I did the unimaginable. Perhaps even the unthinkable. I. Photographed. Myself. For 24 hours. This project was a culmination of a million ideas, catalyzed by a million more questions that I’d been asking for quite some time. Some of them sounded like this: “Why is time so warped in photos and […]

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