Pointed Opinion: Business Closures Are A Direct Influence Of Little To No Community From The Neighborhood

Yes, you’ve read that title right. It’s our exact theory on why businesses close, especially in this time of pandemic where community support is so vital. Though on Bob Cut, we’re never one to write about businesses closures—It’s a sad, difficult, and draining process on everyone’s fronts. Though to inform the reader post-death, it feels […]

The Stud, as We Know It, Is No More — But It Will Come Back Anew

The Stud Collective, the 18-membered cohort behind San Francisco’s longest continually operating gay bar, announced Wednesday night they’d shutter their venue at 399 9th Street amid financial woes caused by the pandemic. But the news arrived with a baffling thud, largely misinterpreted by local news outlets and the masses. With some hindsight, taking in the […]

How Do You Really Support Small Business When You’re Not Wholeheartedly Supporting Them?

Our upsettingly frank title does come with some merit, let us explain. If you’ve lived in San Francisco long enough, you know that small businesses have to truly hustle in order to stay afloat in a city that, more often than not, stands against them. It’s the reality of living in one of the world’s […]

Off The Menu: Fly Bar Closes On Sutter

Tablehopper reported in August that the establishment had been sold, meeting a fate similar to that of its twin Fly Bar on Divisadero. That location, the original of the two, sold to new owners in March. With no news as to a name change, Hoodline reported that this particular portion of Fly Bar will shut […]

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