Secret Recipe: This Spring-Style 18th Street Cobbler Is What You Need To Make Stat

Though we’re seeing spring showers and cold winds have been more apparent, spring offers warmer days and sweeter drinks. So go ahead and make this Lo-Fi 18th Street Cobbler at home to welcome in the season. And for those who aren’t in touch with their inner bartender, don’t fret. It’s as simple as 1-2-3, and […]

New Tricks: A Bar Menu Worth Flipping For

Two weeks ago, I visited Trick Dog, a bar in the Mission District in San Francisco. Although it wasn’t my neck of the woods, my friend informed me of their new menu and theme and I was automatically stoked. The special thing about Trick Dog is that they change their menu every 6 months. “We […]

Off the Menu: Violet’s Has Cultivated the Perfect Tavern in the Outer Richmond

Last month, the hitmakers behind Outer Richmond’s Fiorella, opened a New American Classic Sister Tavern and restaurant named Violet’s. Nestled in the charming corner of Clement St. and 24th Ave, Violet’s flaunts a fresh seafood raw bar, late night eats and ingredient-driven craft cocktails. This urban, design-forward approach to the old-fashioned concept of a tavern […]

Dynamo Donut and JUNIOR Collaborate in the Most Delicious Way Possible

And it involves the cocktail specialities of JUNIOR and the whisking power of Dynamo. For Dynamo’s 10 year anniversary, the millennial cool donut spot located in both the Mission and Marina, the wizards of fried decadence are joining forces with Dogpatch staple, JUNIOR to create a donut baby that is mouthwatering upon reading. The donuts […]

A Holiday Cocktail Menu That We Can Definitely Drink To

If the holidays were ever a time to drink, Bluestem Brasserie has launched a Dickens Christmas holiday cocktail menu that puts the holly jolly in today’s modern X-Mas. If you’re wondering if the featured image is a glass of milk, well… we hope Santa isn’t driving. And don’t feel guilty about grabbing any of these […]

Off The Menu: Uncork and Uncap at Outer Sunset’s Newest Hype-Worthy Bar, White Cap

Tis the season for holiday merriment and, well, uncorking (and uncapping) bottles of festive wines. Chase some tasty waves with some tasty cocktails at White Cap, one of the newest, chic, utterly unique bars in the Outer Sunset. White Cap seeks to bring an elevated experience to your typical neighborhood bar, all while maintaining all […]

Off The Menu: Trick Dog’s New Menu Is All About Mural Culture… Fitting, No?

A Trick Dog classic. Photo via Trick Dog. Trick Dog, a SF cocktail institution, has unleashed their list of newest drinks for 2017 and the central theme? Murals, fitting right? The Trick Dog Mural Project, as it’s called, is therefore not just a menu of 13 cocktails, it’s a coordinated citywide mural project that brought […]

Hooch Gives You All Insider’s Access To Great Cocktails… At A Price

Enter Hooch, a new SF-bar app that can get you 30 cocktails for $10 a month. The idea is simple: pay $10.00 a month and get 30 drinks at neighborhood bars all over the city. With, of course, tipping your bartender that’s about $45 for 30 cocktails. Oh hot damn, the deal is too good […]

Off The Menu: Rx’s Elixir Cocktails Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

a quiet editor’s get together, we recommend Rx as your Friday night highlight. Written by Anthony Rogers, photographs by Anthony Rogers and courtesy of Rx Bar — Need a list of drinks to try? Our Bay Bites 2016 has a few amazing offerings.

Off The Menu: Royal Cuckoo Sneakily Opens ‘Horsie’s Saloon‘ In Their Mission Location

Royal Cuckoo Market on 19th Street just off Mission Street in 2014. And now, a wee little bar has spawned inside, Horsie’s Saloon, which was first spotted by local blogger Capp Street Crap and picked up today by Eater. The market itself has been stocking aesthetically pleasing items from breads, to cheeses, and libations that […]

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