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Entangle and Sway: Pole For The Soul

Before I explain why I am absolutely obsessed with pole dancing and why it is now an integral part of my life, let me give you the rundown of what exactly pole dancing is. Pole Dancing, at its core, is the performance of graceful and intimate dances on a vertical pole which is usually fixed […]

Video: Randy Rainbow Reads From Pat...
Video: Randy Rainbow Reads From Patti LuPone's Autobiography

Photo Galore: The Color Factory Up Close and Personal

When in Rome, make a colorful mess. If you haven’t been tuned in to our Instagram, we had a fabulous Insta-story takeover (with Danielle Rueda) about her time at the Color Factory. Being her photographer self, we could not not post the gorgy photos that ensued.  This two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color and material, featuring […]

Style’d SF: Flowers On The Wall

Photography by Danielle Rueda, styling by Nicole Lippman, face by Karl Sanchez, hair by Angela Kim, model – Sam C of LOOK Models While being adapted into the spring of things, our favorite San Francisco walls are being colonized in foliage that then blooms into the most beautiful urban bouquets. As an ode to flora […]

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