Homing: Hung Tzu Ni’s Search For Home Through Light and Sound

In October 2019, Hung Tzu Ni, an active Taiwanese experimental sound scene artist, spent one month in San Francisco’s Chinatown as part of an artist residency program at the Chinese Cultural Center (CCC). Hung’s very first exhibit in the United States, “Homing”, will explore her experience in Chinatown and how the sights, sounds, architecture, and neighborhood cadence contribute to […]

A Powerful Force: Bethany Eden on Her Vision in ‘Cleanse’

Water—a force to be reckoned with, and lest not forget humanity’s lifeline. Despite water’s integral purpose of supporting life, however, the multi-dimensional element has also given way to inspiration, support and renewal for many. For Bay Area artist, Bethany Eden, water inspired her latest art series “Cleanse”. We sat down with Eden at Zukowski Collective, […]

Painter and Printmaker Mary Finlayson Gives Us A Tour Of Her “Interiors”

Filled with colors, dimension, and a bit of wonder—San Francisco based illustrator and printmaker, Mary Finlayson explores the concept of being inside beautifully. With a gravitas of pop art influences and Spanish printmaking styles, Finlayson investigates the stories that interiors contain, how they are composed and how they reflect our histories.Her background as an artist […]

Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols Releases Solo Exhibition ‘Patio Music’

A simplicity of color, Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols sets the mood with his solo Patio Music. Like snapshots from his life, Nichols expresses his painting to simulate “a vibrant storm of energy, while being somber and sweet.” As flowers serve as malleable messengers in Nichols’s paintings, they also provide the perfect amount of content for him […]

Photo Galore: The Color Factory Up Close and Personal

When in Rome, make a colorful mess. If you haven’t been tuned in to our Instagram, we had a fabulous Insta-story takeover (with Danielle Rueda) about her time at the Color Factory. Being her photographer self, we could not not post the gorgy photos that ensued.  This two-story interactive exhibition celebrates color and material, featuring […]

An Underrated Gallery + Shop That Boasts The Coolest Art Is In The Design District

The storefront in the design district, photo via Studio 695 While walking around the tech-filled design district, one can spot the Zynga building, Adobe’s SF spot, and some interior design firms here and there. This coloring box however, really caught our eyes. Upon entering, one is greeted by Laura and her warm presence which seems […]

Quietness By Ignacio Umana Brings You To A Solitary State Of Mind

He decided to shoot the project with a large format camera with 4×5 color film, which tuned in with the overall concept of the project of slowing down to achieve an inner balance and quietness. Ignacio took only one photo every time he went to Ocean Beach, always from the exact same position – 37º45’31’’ […]

SPACE236 Gets Pushed Out Of Leavenworth and Eddy Gallery Space

"It means a lot to me that we were able to create, connect and bring together a new group, in an area with some problems, and get such a positive feedback and support from the community,” said photographer Robby Durler. // Neighbors will be showing through November 11, 2016 at SPACE236, 236 Leavenworth St., Tenderloin, […]

“Too Real” Brings Together Craftiness And Extensive Research To Make A Surreal Playland

Better For Living to book an appointment — Ridge Space, 634 15th Street, Oakland. Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of Giffen Clark Ott — Have you checked our Fall Arts Guide? All the best exhibitions, appearance, and openings on one page.

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