Ittoryu Gozu Is a Masterclass In Wagyu, Tongue to Cheek

Ittoryu Gozu, a.k.a. “Gozu”– the newest wagyu emporium in San Francisco, perched at 201 Spear Street – aims to be a cut above the rest, albeit an “off” one. At an initial glance, Gozu appears to be an unpretentious, somewhat tucked in hole-in-the-wall; an odd misfit in the South of Market neighborhood it hails its […]

Inside The Studio: Kintsugi Artist Joe Weaver

As humans, when we try to repair things, we aim to do it in a way that makes it look as perfect as possible, as if it had never been broken before. Kintsugi does the complete opposite. It’s a Japanese art form that draws even more attention to the flaws but highlights them in the […]

It Is Not Easy To Date In San Francisco As An Asian Woman

It may seem clutch to be an Asian girl and date Americans, mostly white Americans, in the States. The phrase “yellow fever” aggressively hints at this preference. It’s a cliche. Asians, well, Asian girls—are the most desired and fetishized ethnicity amongst straight caucasian American men. Interestingly enough, it seems like even traditionally conservative Americans go […]

Off The Menu: Hot Pot Royalty ‘Nabe’ Opens Second Location And It’s Pretty Chic

<img src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/58393163bebafb6551265dd9/583932e357bf42f996cea64b/583932e457bf42f996cea692/1480145038947/tumblr_inline_oh0ttlSXwb1qcg0hm_540.jpg waste nothing!) nabesf.com Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of Alvin Tse — Need more bites for your plate? Subscribe to our newsletter for more!

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