Bring Youth To The Power of Surf: Johnny Irwin of City Surf Project Ensuring Equitable Access To The Ocean

When one stirs up the classic image of California surfing, San Francisco is likely not the setting of that picturesque vision. For one, the Northern California waters are often frigid in a brain-shattering way. For two, the lack of constant sun doesn’t immediately inspire the local population to dawn a bikini or some trunks and […]

Art To Pass The Time: Zai Divecha Shows Us How To Make Paper Stars

Why not keep your hands moving when there is virtually nothing to do. Our favorite, Zai Divecha, posted a fun YouTube tutorial on how to make paper stars. Though meditative to some, this is a great task to get kids occupied for a good 40 minutes as they make 100 stars. A Yale graduate (in […]

International Smoke & Edward Granger Come Together For The Kids

A mixture of chicken tenders, color-blocking, and the Raphael House children came together at International Smoke last week. With Chef Michael Mina and Ayesha Curry in attendance, the children got to enjoy a 5-star lunch and painting “lessons” by world renowned muralist, Edward Granger. Pulling inspiration from the restaurant’s global approach to fire, grilling, and […]

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