korean food

Off the Menu: Seoul-style Comfort Food Has Found its Home in East Bay

Photo via Pexels East Bay: The land of Pixar animations, somewhat affordable houses—and Seoul-style comfort foods? You bet. Here in “The City,” we look to the east with either hesitancy and nostalgia; many of us have, at some point, shared a 12ft x 12ft room in Oakland with a fellow financially strained twenty-something. Those of […]

Off The Menu: Saucy Asian Is Coming Soon To The Castro

Photos courtesy of Saucy Asian Castro is getting a new Korean eatery and yes, it’s really quite saucy. From former H Cafe on Sanchez and 17th to a new restaurant, Saucy Asian, the new Hangul shop will be boasting Omma’s favorite dishes mixed in with fusion-y bites. Picture: tacos, KFC wings (above), and various tapas. […]

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