Masako Miki on Folklore, Mindfulness, and her Solo Show “Shapeshifters”

The stories we’re told about beasts, mythical creatures, and nightmares are just that—folklore. For sculpture artist Masako Miki, such things are manifested in everyday life. It is a play on creatures we’ve been told about again and again—the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, The Boogey Man. In Miki’s eyes, In Shinto mythology, yōkai are animated characters […]

Gilded Irony: Artists Decorate Streets With Gold

In a recent ploy at protesting the ever-rising cost of living in the Bay Area, artists Erik Schmitt and Nick Bushman have taken credit for a shiny new form of vandalism: turning objects on the street gold.   23-karat gold, to be specific. Schmitt and Bushman teamed up for this project they call “Gilded Cities”, […]

Jeremy Fish Bunny Sculptures Hop Into Lower Haight This Saturday

Photo courtesy of Daniel Dent More bunnies. Yes, more are here in SF. Unlike the bunnies spotted on City Hall property last fall, the replacement of the previously destroyed bunny art in the Lower Haight will officially take place this Saturday at 5pm, at the entrance of the new Haight Street Art Center at 215 […]

New Hayes Valley Art Installation Is Coming to Patricia’s Green Next Month

HYBYCOZO, which brings large-scale installations to Burning Man and beyond. They are above and beyond when it comes to beautiful high intensity sculptures. This new installation will feature a ton of light play, “with unique laser cut patterned panels and LED lights that can change colors.” And if you think they look fragile and light […]

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