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On Being Empathetic, Honest, And Herself: Soleil Ho Talks Food

It’s an early Monday morning as Mazarine coffee connoisseurs line up for their artisanal caffeinated brews. It’s the hour of morning when eyes are still half-mast, the city does a salutation stretch. The sidewalks are rolled back out. I sit outside enjoying a finally sunny day in San Francisco, a rare occasion that the weather […]

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Customer stories · GitHub

Chronicle Releases “Rising Chef 2017” And No White Males To Be Found

Photo by Patricia Chang, cover photo by the Chronicle Responding to criticism about the list’s usual lack of diversity, the San Francisco Chronicle took the annual Rising Star Chefs feature left the choices up to other members of paper’s food department, including Jonathan Kauffman, Tara Duggan, and Paolo Lucchesi. And the people were delighted to […]

Meet The Man Who Has Dished 5,320 Reviews In His Time At The Chronicle

an extremely detailed memoir on his time with the Chron. Whether he’s reviewing people such as Judy Rodgers, who took over Zuni Cafe in 1987; Nancy Oakes who “took American food to a new level” at L’Avenue in 1988; Suzette Gresham who opened Acquerello in 1989 or even today’s moderns like chef Corey Lee of […]

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