NYE Reminder: SFMTA Offers Free MUNI Throughout The Night

Yes, you read our headline right. The SFMTA has released a press statement that for the 20th consecutive year in a row, MUNI and it’s umbrella transportation will be free for rider on NYE. Due to the annual surge pricing of both Uber and Lyft, SFMTA is encouraging riders to take a bus home after […]

We Made Friends With A MUNI Officer And Learned A Thing Or Two From Their Point Of View

By chanced meeting and reporter-style sweaty palms, we approached an off-duty MUNI officer to ask some questions that we’ve (the editors) all been wondering. Of course, we’ve all avoided fare out of sheer forgetfulness, lack of funds, or because paying essentially three dollars doesn’t appeal highly on the latter of things to do. But it’s […]

“Studies” Show A Higher Collision Rate For Ride-Share Driving in the USA

Because it’s easier to blame technology that pushed new agendas rather than save former driving services. Earlier this week, researchers at the University of Chicago released a preliminary draft of an upcoming report suggesting that ride-hailing apps like San Francisco-based Lyft and Uber may lead to more accidents on American roads. A few caveats are […]

A Canvas for Muni Art: These New Tickets Have Entered Art Territory

If you’ve bought one of the tickets from one of MUNI’s new Muni fareboxes, you may have noticed that the back sides feature some beautiful artwork. These works are from the winners of the inaugural year of Muni Art, and were displayed on 50 Muni buses in 2016. As the MTA starts to roll out […]

Stalled Muni Car Causes Tunnel Evacuation

Photo/SFMTA In case you weren’t aware, evacuations are still a thing that don’t only happen in safety videos. One track yesterday outside the Van Ness station at 1 p.m. stalled on the line between stations going west, prompting an evacuation on foot through the tunnel. In our heads, we’ve always wanted to explore the tunnels […]

These New Muni Trains Are SO SEXY & You’ll Be Able To Ride Them in 2028

<img data-orig-width="1588" data-orig-height="1000" src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/58393163bebafb6551265dd9/583932e357bf42f996cea64b/5839330c57bf42f996ceb10e/1480145379604/tumblr_inline_ocdolg49U91qcg0hm_540.jpg billion purchase will allow for the phasing out of the current Breda cars — which, according to the paper, were purchased in 1996 and are considered unreliable. Who would of thunk huh? Seattle Seahawk colors that the BART redesign is currently sporting. “We took a long view,” SFMTA’s transit director John […]

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