April Editor’s Letter: Finding Your Anchor

On nights that involve sheltering in place in my apartment—going to bed hasn’t been easy. Knowing that the same will come tomorrow hasn’t been a refreshing thought in my mind. All of the plans I had made, gone, all of the errands I could finish, dashed, all the people I wanted to see, virtual. This […]

The Eye of Sauron Coming To The Salesforce Tower? Petition Demands It

And realistically, it’s a great idea. “Turn Salesforce Tower into Eye Of Sauron on Hallowe’en night” says the petition that has over 3,000 signatures as of Sunday afternoon. It even yielded a response from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff himself. The LED display atop San Francisco’s tallest tower—which according to SF-based artist Jim Campell projects light inward toward […]

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