Women in Food 2018




To live in the Bay Area…

is to inherently be spoiled. Our picturesque, dynamic city sits perched alongside the water, fog and sun rolling in in equal measure. We have technology, art, culture, and history- all the attributes that make for a place of character. At the top of the list, perhaps, we must say that the food of this region is unparalleled. Furthermore, those at the forefront of the food scene in San Francisco and beyond have largely been women. One needs only to mention the name “Alice Waters” to call forth an understanding of precisely what we mean. The likes of Dominique Crenn,  Melissa Reitz, and Nancy Oakes only reify the truth of this fact.  

In celebration of the Bay Area that we make it our mission to learn and love, Bob Cut has gathered an exemplary group of females at the helm of the restaurant and hospitality field, from Napa to San Francisco and in between. This is Women in Food.  

// Reporting by Isabella Welch, photography + art by Anthony Rogers & Isabella Welch



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