Year: 2019

December Editor’s Letter: Of The New Decade

I’ve been thinking a lot about the events that have led me to where this magazine is now—I believe I both have had it easy and had it hard. I credit our victories with the hard realities that had to follow pre and post celebration, it’s a fine balance of wanting to scream from the […]

NYE Reminder: SFMTA Offers Free MUNI Throughout The Night

Yes, you read our headline right. The SFMTA has released a press statement that for the 20th consecutive year in a row, MUNI and it’s umbrella transportation will be free for rider on NYE. Due to the annual surge pricing of both Uber and Lyft, SFMTA is encouraging riders to take a bus home after […]

Curtain Call: The Tales of Desperaux is a Family-Friendly Affair With Cross-Generational Appeal

From the first song — including a prologue, a love letter to librarians and storytelling — it was clear you that, by sheer talent alone, the Pig Pen Co. Theatre production would appeal to any age demographic in attendance. The tale is one that’s, say, been told in some manner more than a few times: […]

The Bus Back: Remembering to Connect With People and Eat Good Food

A beautiful, high-ceiling castle constructed of glass and metal, the Jewel Box houses luscious, exotic plants ranging in color from fiery orange to deep burgundy to the most sumptuous greens. The flooring was tile and the air conditioning was on full blast, so I sat on the ground in the middle of that magical urban […]

Year in Review: A Look Back on 2019

Get ready to say goodbye to the teenage dream; this millennium is growing up. As we embark on a new decade, team Bob Cut took time to walk down memory lane. What obsessed us this year? What did our readers love most? A deep dive into 2019 unearthed some interesting editorial trends and new traditions, […]

Did You Know: Market Street to be Car-Free in 2020

Yes, you read that headline correct. San Francisco’s Market Street will become car-less in 2020. As reported from The Examiner this past October, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency Board of Directors passed the Better Market Street Plan. “It is bold, it is transformative,” SFMTA board director Amanda Eaken told the public at City Hall […]

Melanie Abrantes On Home, Woodwork, and Evergreen Sustainability

From planters to plates, Melanie Abrantes creates handcrafted, modern, and unique everyday household objects. Based in Oakland, CA, each design is created responsibly with local materials and sustainability in mind. This year, Melanie’s Designs is celebrating 5 years of creating high quality products so we caught up with Melanie to talk to her about how […]

Issue 9 Is Now Available Featuring The Musical Stylings of Peach Tree Rascalsf

With every issue, we cover a story that has continued to wow us—Peach Tree Rascals does that and more. We’re proud to be releasing our 9th issue of Bob Cut Mag. Stories you’ll read include: A Skater’s Intention: James Ferrando The Dying Art Scene In SF Unique Filipino Food Traditions How Oat Milk is Saving […]

Ittoryu Gozu Is a Masterclass In Wagyu, Tongue to Cheek

Ittoryu Gozu, a.k.a. “Gozu”– the newest wagyu emporium in San Francisco, perched at 201 Spear Street – aims to be a cut above the rest, albeit an “off” one. At an initial glance, Gozu appears to be an unpretentious, somewhat tucked in hole-in-the-wall; an odd misfit in the South of Market neighborhood it hails its […]

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