Methodology On Food As Medicine & How Changing Your Diet Can Change Your World

Being a working professional in a metropolitan city can get busy. Having to balance a career, exercise, a romantic life and friends is a full time job in itself.

That makes cooking healthy nourishing meals every day nearly impossible. Instead, most of us turn to eating out as an easy fix to nourishing our bodies. However, opting for takeout has consequences to our health and doesn’t always satisfy our taste buds, we’re ordering out unhealthy and expensive meals in repetition—the cycle never stops. 

Thankfully, Methodology is a food delivery service that is here to nourish our bodies. They deliver freshly cooked food so that you don’t have to worry about your breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack plans.

Methodology is a company rooted in the belief that food is medicine and through food we can heal our bodies and minds. Founder and CEO, Julie Nguyen, started Methodology in 2014 after she turned to food to heal her own body.  Since then, Julie has been sharing her approach to eating nourishing food consistently every day.

The food secured in their jars.The food secured in their jars.

The food secured in their jars.

A beautifully plated dish by Methodology.A beautifully plated dish by Methodology.

A beautifully plated dish by Methodology.

Catering to your specific dietary needs is an important factor that Methodology takes into consideration when creating your subscriptions menu options. Most food delivery companies can only accommodate a few diets. Upon signing up for a subscription with Methodology, you have the ability to specify your biggest motivation to eat well, any diet you follow, and any specific ingredients you need to avoid. Their system takes that information and assigns you food that matches your criteria. Once you sign up, you can choose and mix and match your food to whatever lifestyle you’re living in the moment and get it delivered straight to your door. 

Subscribing to Methodology will not only make your life easier but you’ll help cut down on plastic waste. Haven’t you noticed that every time you grocery shop things are packaged in exuberant amounts of plastic—well Methodology did and they have a solution. With a subscription you’ll be receiving food in reusable glass jars. Once you’re finished with the jars, Methodology picks them up and reuse as many as they can and recycle the rest. 

One of the biggest benefits is the time and energy saved by letting Methodology do all of the thinking, shopping, cooking, and cleaning.. This is how Methodology got its name. It’s not just food; it’s a system for creating a home environment where you’re constantly surrounded by the healthiest possible food for your body, making it more likely you’ll develop the habit of eating well every day. 

Not only does Methodology recycle but they also help advocate for studies in the food industry. Creating this idea that food is not just for consumption but for medicinal purposes is at the company’s core. Because of that, through Methodology you can also help fund food studies that support better compliance with said study guidelines. It’s all about fueling knowledge with good food. 

Currently, Methodology is partnering with Dr. Christopher Gardner at the Stanford Prevention Research Center. Gardner is conducting research on the impacts that a keto diet vs. a Mediterranean diet have on a person’s blood sugar who has type 2 diabetes.

Eating healthy nourishing meals should and can be attainable through a subscription at Methodology. Not only will you be eating gourmet meals but you’ll be cutting down on plastic and if you’re feeling extra giving you can help support food studies. 

// Currently, the company delivers to San Francisco Bay Area, Southern California, Seattle and Portland. So buy a subscription and start eating your way to your best life. Visit to start your subscription today! Photography courtesy of Methodology.

The Methodology boxes sitting at your doorstep.The Methodology boxes sitting at your doorstep.

The Methodology boxes sitting at your doorstep.

Methodology On Food As Medicine & How Changing Your Diet Can Change Your World
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