Month: May 2019

We Made Friends With A MUNI Officer And Learned A Thing Or Two From Their Point Of View

By chanced meeting and reporter-style sweaty palms, we approached an off-duty MUNI officer to ask some questions that we’ve (the editors) all been wondering. Of course, we’ve all avoided fare out of sheer forgetfulness, lack of funds, or because paying essentially three dollars doesn’t appeal highly on the latter of things to do. But it’s […]

The May Editor’s Letter: On Endings

Game of Thrones finished out its final season this month, so like any culture obsessed, Jon Snow loving fool, I’ve been thinking a lot about endings. I started with Thrones. How do I feel now that it’s over? (Terrible and betrayed.) But also, this: Why did this hit me so hard? In my own defense, […]

All Roads Lead To Napa: A Guide Of How To Spend Your Day

Napa, a world of it’s own, honestly. A day in Napa region feels like you’ve stepped outside your body, you have a chipper skip in your step. The sun greets you much closer and keeps you energized through what seems to be the whole day. When we were happily galavanting through Napa, we quickly shed […]

Memorial Day: The American Attribution Game

Upon the impending celebration of Memorial Day, it seems entirely appropriate to shed light onto the history of this holiday—one that is known and understood by far too few. The origins of Memorial Day date back to a time in American History when the hard-fought end of the Civil War did not immediately bring much […]

San Holo Combines Sound and Sensibility With “album1”

It’s been an incredibly introspective past few years for DJ and record producer, San Holo, who has maintained prominence in the EDM industry since his viral 2014 remix of Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.” The Dutch artist possesses a charming optimism unmatched by his genre’s contemporaries, one which compelled him to give songs on his […]

Where To Find Tasteful Vintage Lingerie in San Francisco

For the lady who loves to lounge in timeless lingerie, here’s your guide to finding and fitting the perfect lace for your body. Everything from time portals to tasteful classics, the ladies of Bob Cut rounded up their favorite vintage lingerie shops and pop-ups to get your senses percolated. Did we miss your favorite store […]

Why Money Terrifies Me, It Shouldn’t But It’s The Driving Force In The Bay Area

Money literally scares me. Making it, spending it, splurging it. I struggle getting comfortable with it enough to part from it. But with living in San Francisco, freelancing, and starting a publication—I should be able to pat myself on the back. I struggle to be real, to be fiscal, and to be indulgent when I […]

Behind the Scenes: Shaquille Heath on Art, Culture, and “Monet”

Anyone who thinks museums are cold and cavernous simply has not spent enough time inside of one. In San Francisco, we are blessed with all kinds of art, there to be absorbed and digested in its many forms. From the performance arts of the symphony and ballet to the modern art of SFMOMA and Minna […]

Issue 7: Yuka Ioroi

cas-sa-va : the starchy tuberous root of a tropical tree, used as food in tropical countries but requiring careful preparation to remove traces of cyanide from the flesh Cassava is also a restaurant, located in the Richmond District of San Francisco. Owned and operated by a local-based couple, the close-knit team at this unique eatery […]

Curtain Call: ‘The Jungle’ is a Fresh, Wide-eyed Take on Immersive Theatre That Sticks the Landing

There’s something unshakably intimate about “The Jungle” that, now some days later after witnessing the spectacle firsthand (floor-side), has profoundly changed how I look at the theater. Or, rather: it set a new, nose-bleedingly-high bar for future plays I attend. At first glance—and step—into the Curran, where “The Jungle” is currently playing till the 19th, […]

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