10 Foolproof Mother’s Day Gifts in the San Francisco Bay Area

Mother’s Day is a little different this year—if you’re vaccinated or not—seeing them might be tricky this year as opposed to last.

Though we want to take our moms to a nice dinner or a Joshua Tree getaway, those might not be in the cards depending on your level of safety and vaccination status. But hark! the incredibles makers and small businesses of the San Francisco Bay Area come in handy all day, every day with some of the most gorgeous one of a kind pieces. Our favorites have been go-to staples that we can’t get enough of and we’re sure your mom will absolutely adore. Without further ado, explore the goodies of the Bay.

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Etta + Billie

Mixing powerful healing agents and the best collaborative ingredients in town, Etta + Billie is perfect for the mother who wants to revitalize their skin. Does your beauty savvy mom have a specific smell she adores? The wide selection of soaps, cleansers, and body balms are more than enough to satiate her cosmetic needs. // ettaandbillie.com


Abacus Row

Minimalism at its finest, for a mom who isn’t concerned with gaudy or “out there” styles — she’ll easily slip into an Abacus Row creation. Whether she’s sporting a thin and fabulous beaded necklace or simply stunning fan earrings, it may be difficult for her to choose. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. // abacusrow.com


Freda Salvador

Do we have much to say here? The level of chic the women at Freda Salvador exude extend to any age range. Whether your mother is a mover and shaker or a happy little homebody, slipping on a pair of these cloud-like oxfords instantly turns heads of those who crave these timeless styles. Tres Magnifique. // fredasalvador.com

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Lady Falcon Coffee

From the ladies that keep Ocean Beach and beyond caffeinated—your mother would appreciate a woman-owned, women-powered brand like LFCC. We recommend getting their essential kit to try their assortment but for the moms who are connoisseurs, we suggest getting their cascara chai or the cascara hibiscus. Great on their own or in cocktails. // ladyfalconcoffeeclub.com/shop


Plant Therapy

Your mom needs a friend, a little green friend, someone she can tend to. Plants are cheaper than therapy, says the Plant Therapy SF team. With a rotating selection for those with a green thumb, the team keeps their socials updated with new arrivals, prices, and conditions to secure them. We suggest checking in on their website daily to see the selection rotate. // planttherapysfshop.com


Hannah Emile

A perfect layering accessory that mom is sure to love, Hannah Emile nails it with her geometric handmade bags. Coming in all shades and natural colors, Hannah Emile is perfect for the matching mom and their children, one for her and one for you. // hannahemile.com


Earthen Shop

If your mother is the type to host, serve, or have guests come in on a regular basis—maybe she needs a set of bowls in which to serve. Give the hostess with the mostess a set of Earthen Shop Dune bowls. This set comes in a easy stack of six that can be easily nested on top of each other and stored away in the cupboard—we’re thinking about your space. If you want to see the bowls in person, Earthen Shop is located in Duboce Triangle and sports an adorable storefront your mother is sure to be enamored by. // earthenshop.com



If shoes make the woman, then DOPP makes the unexpected, left of field, inspiring woman. DOPP, founded by Shayla Dopp, is footwear brand founded on the principles of good design, relaxed and strong materials and a longevity that speaks to the stylish woman. If you’re worried about buying a pair of shows online, we can attest that the shoes are true-to-size. Evidenced by our founder trying on a size 13 and LOVING. IT. // dopp.city


Kin The Label

A good hat comes once in a lifetime—well in our eyes that is. Kin the Label, however, is putting good hat construction on display with their perfectly fitted temple toppers. Inspired travel and trends that arise, the duo have created a line that uses all natural materials, materials of various sturdiness, and mission we can live by. Though not cheap, this is an investment piece for the mother who can’t leave the house without a sun hat or shade covering her face and décolletage. The Tawnie hat (above) in twisted raffia features a warm toned open weave in the bolero shape. The mid-length brim makes this hat perfect for day time while being light and airy. // kinthelabel.com

Bob Cut Shop Gift Card

And though you may not know what to get your mother this Mother’s Day—we suggest a pretty hefty gift card to our digital shop right at the top of the front page. Bob Cut Shop has a variety of garments, accessories, and more made ethically with people-first manufacturing in Jiangmen, China. We pride ourselves on working with factories that treat their employees like humans. It’s a people-focused mindset on people-first happiness. // bobcutmag.com/shop

// Photography courtesy of the businesses mentioned. Do you have a suggestion for a Mother’s Day gift, let us know in the DMs.

10 Foolproof Mother’s Day Gifts in the San Francisco Bay Area
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