List Of Birds That Start With P- 6 Names of Birds

List of Birds That Start With P

List of Birds that Start with P: Parrots, Partridges, Pelicans, Penguins, Puffbirds, and Potoos. There exist a plethora of birds globally

Across the world, different birds mean different things to diverse communities/people. Take a swan, for instance. Swans are viewed as symbols of grace, beauty, love, trust, and most of all, loyalty. Additionally, swans are considered as symbols of self-appreciation, more so inner beauty. When in a pair, swans denote undying love or, in other terms, ‘soul mates.’ While birds are usually a sign of benevolence, some signify omens. For example, once an owl perches itself on the roof of a certain house, the members of that household are strongly believed to be in danger. Typically, this danger leads to an untimely demise. Another bird that is tied to omens is the crow. In some communities, crows are believed to symbolize a curse.

There exist a plethora of birds globally. Let us intently look at the names of birds that start with p. 

List Of Birds Whose Names Begin With Letter ‘P’:

Birds play a significant role in our lives. There are some, like parrots and cockatiels, which we keep for companionship. On the other hand, Thanksgiving would never be the same without the beloved carving of a turkey. We also have films/animations which would have sunk ship if it were not for the brilliant conceptualized birds! They include; ‘Bird Box,’ ‘Rio,’ ‘Penguins of Madagascar,’ etc. 

There are several birds whose names begin with the letter ‘p.’ They comprise of:


Parrots (also known as psittacines) are famous for their ability to mimic the human voice. They have over 350 species all around the world and possess a blunt tongue. They feed on buds, seeds, insects, and fruits. 

The caging of parrots began in ancient times, whereby people domesticated them for amusement. Parrots are intelligent and affectionate birds, loyal at times to a fault. It is believed that pirates usually opted for parrots as companions because of their lifestyle. While a pirate’s crew may wind up drowning or murdered or even involved in treachery, a parrot was likely to survive and remain loyal. Hence a parrot was a better paragon. 

The African gray parrots and the Amazon parrots are known to be the most proficient human speech mimics.

If you can recall the popular animated film ‘Rio,’ you probably remember the lead character, ‘Bloo.’ He was a type of parrot known as the ‘macaw.’


Partridges can be mostly located in Europe, Asia, and Africa. There are over 40 species of partridges that occupy diverse habitats. Partridges are of plump build, medium-size, and unlike most birds, they do not migrate. They are usually confused with quails. There are, however, some common traits that tell them apart. For instance, partridges are larger and have stronger bills as well as feet.

While most birds build their nests on trees, partridges make theirs on the ground where there is a lot of foliage. Their billed beaks allow them to feed on insects, nuts, and berries.

Partridges have been used as symbols in several historical periods. For instance, ancient civilizations, which are now lost to us, saw male partridges as symbols of fertility. This belief was probably birthed when a person in those ancient times discovered that partridges lay up to 20 eggs at a time. 


Pelicans are easily identifiable water birds as their huge, elastic throat pouches characterize them. They can be spotted in lakes, rivers, and seacoasts across the globe. They are among the eight species of birds found in water bodies. 

Pelicans are, to put it candidly, big birds. They roughly weigh 30 pounds and have a wingspan of 10 feet. Their length? Pelicans are 70 inches tall!

Pelicans feed on fish. They use their elastic throat pouch to capture their prey. Some pelicans deep dive into the water, remarkably securing their feed while others act as a team, swimming in formation to entrap a school of fish.

The most impressive trait about pelicans is their flight ability. Usually, they are seen flying across the sky in small groups, flapping their wings in unison. 


We know them from ‘Happy Feet’ and ‘Penguins of Madagascar.’ We know them to be fun-loving, talented, intelligent, and most of all personable. 

Penguins are flightless birds located in the Southern Hemisphere, where there are 18 species in total. Only a single species, ‘Galapagos,’ is found in the Northern Hemisphere. They are adapted to aquatic surroundings and are in possession of flippers, which they use for swimming. 

Typically, penguins only resurface to lands for the sole purpose of breeding. After laying eggs, they raise their chicks for a while before deep-diving into the water again. The emperor penguin is the only known penguin to ever breed during winter. This bird remarkably lays eggs on sea ice. 

Penguins are sensitive to climate change. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has identified 60% of the 18 penguin species as endangered. Adverse climate changes alter their habitats and breeding as well.


As their name suggests, puffbirds are known for their habit of puffing out the feathers found on their heads and necks. They are usually spotted in trees, perched quietly on a branch with their large heads and short necks. Interestingly, there are species of birds known as ‘nunlets’ and ‘nunbirds.’

Puffbirds are more often than not confused with jacamars. Unlike jacamars, however, puffbirds are plain colored and possess thick bills. 


Potoos are close relatives of nightjars and frogmouths. They belong to a group of Caprimulgiformes. They have seven species in one genus.

Potoos have a distinguishable hunting call. Many people have been able to hear ‘poor-me-ones’ as they came across these birds. Potoos prefer scouting the world at night and take the opportunity to sleep during the day. As they sleep vertically, their bodies blend well with their habitat barks, therefore becoming incognito.

Potoos are introverted. They thrive in solitary, preferring to hunt alone. Their gaping mouths and alert eyes help them hunt. 

List Of Birds That Start With P- 6 Names of Birds

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