What Are the Names of Santa’s 12 Reindeer?

What Are the Names of Santa’s 12 Reindeer?

A brilliant choirmaster recognizes that he/she needs a group of diversely talented individuals to form a phenomenal harmony. If the choirmaster is to select people with round voices only, no matter how melodious they sound, the music will wind up being bland and unappealing. Therefore, the choirmaster has to learn the skill of artful selection. The choirmaster spots talent in unexpected places and coaches these choir members’ voices such that when the time comes, and they all stand on stage, the audience is awed by the legato of their singing. Similarly, Santa Claus is well aware of the importance of having a well-rounded group with characters who possess different strengths. Today’s topic- What Are the Names of Santa’s 12 Reindeer?

This way, when they all come together, Santa can deliver every gift on Christmas Eve in time. Santa handpicked 12 reindeer to be his company during his crucial missions. He depends on them to fly his heavy sleigh despite the weather condition or even impassable terrain. With a twinkle in his eye and an iron arm, Santa has managed to turn his reindeer into a family. Before we know the names of Santa’s 12 reindeer, let us understand why he chose these particular reindeer to be a part of his team in the first place.

Choosing Reindeer

For all we know, Santa could have chosen an ox, a moose, horse, camel, or donkey to pull his sleigh. Instead, he specifically appointed reindeer to be his designated driver. Apart from being resilient, they happen to be quite fast. These two qualities drew Santa to these species, and ever since their first Christmas Eve adventure, Santa has been hooked.

Christmas will never quite be the same without Santa’s 12 reindeer flying a sleigh brimming with children’s gifts across the sky. Please find out the names of the reindeer and why they are absolutely compelling.

List of Santa’s 12 Reindeer

Traditionally, Santa assigned a total of eight reindeer with the task of flying his sleigh. Over time, however, this number increased as the family of reindeer expanded. A titanium band was formed among them despite their different personalities. 

As the years trickled by, it became increasingly difficult to tell the exact number of Santa’s reindeer. While some speculate the reindeer are 12 in number, others deem them to be a total of 10.

Here is a list of Santa’s known reindeer:


Dasher, as his name suggests, is exceptionally fast. In fact, legend has it that Dasher is the fastest among his kind. Initially, he was the lead reindeer, but then Rudolph came along and replaced him. He lost his prestigious position because he was so fast none of the other reindeer could maintain his pace. 

His path first crossed with Santa’s when he was just a young calf. On that day, he had challenged the older reindeer to a race, beating them all without batting an eyelash. Ever since that day, Dasher gladly became a part of Santa’s team.

Dasher stems from a German name, ‘Dascher’ which translates to ‘purse maker, Yes, Dasher can actually sew!


Ever since he could recall, Dancer adored the art of dancing. He was drawn to the grace and the rare beauty that can only be found in music. Dancer abandoned an opportunity to join Broadway so that he could work with Santa.

His areas of expertise include tango, salsa, and merengue. Latin music is his poison.


Prancer is the twin brother to Dancer. He shares Dancer’s graceful persona. Prancer is a little vain, and rumors have it that he is always late to activities because he cannot stay away from the mirror.

All in all, he has a big heart.


Vixen is a reindeer who is used to getting a lot of attention due to her stunning beauty. She has, on multiple occasions, used her attractive appearance to get her way. Cupid is her most formidable suitor.

She is also an enchantress, spinning magic in anything she can get her hands on.


Comet is the strongest of the reindeer. He was given the name because a comet was sighted during his birth. 

Despite his robust, intimidating exterior, Comet is adored by children.


Cupid is the most passionate and romantic reindeer of all. He is always playing the role of matchmaker, having been born on Valentine’s Day. Sadly, his own love life is bleak, considering he is in love with Vixen.


Donner virtually means ‘thunder.’ At times, he is referred to as Donder or Dunder. He has a booming voice and is always putting it into practice while doing Christmas musical numbers. He is a dear friend to Blitzen.


When Santa is running late and yells ‘faster,’ Blitzen charges forward while releasing an electric charge from the sky that looks like lightning. His name, ‘Blitzen’ translates to lightning.


Rudolph is the most renowned reindeer. He possesses a peculiar red nose, which serves as a beacon of light. This quality makes him an efficient leader of the reindeer. Even during a blizzard, Rudolph can guide Santa and his sleigh to his destinations.

Dasher was initially jealous of Rudolph, but the two soon set aside their differences for the Christmas spirit.


Olive is the most recent addition to Santa’s reindeer. Initially, Rudolph was bullied by Olive. She had the habit of calling him names and mocking him on account of his red nose. Later it was discovered that Olive only teased Rudolph because she thought him to be brilliant. It was her own way of wiggling into his life. After her confession, the two became close friends, and they are often spotted playing hide-and-seek. 

Not much is known about the other two reindeer, but they are a recent addition to Santa’s reindeer family. With time, we will discover who they are and where they hail from. 

It will be a pleasure to learn about their personalities too!

What Are the Names of Santa’s 12 Reindeer?

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