Colors that start with the letter G- And their corresponding RGB Values


COLORS THAT START WITH THE LETTER G AND THEIR CORRESPONDING RGB VALUES: Giggle, Gimblet, Ginger, Gingerbread, Gingko, Glacier, Glade Green

If you’re asked to name a color that starts with the letter G, would your answer be either green or gray? These two are the most common colors that start with the letter G, however, did you know that according to Colorpedia, as of May 2017, there are approximately 213 colors that start with G?

I know you’re curious, so here are those colors:

  1. Gable Green
  2. Gaddafi
  3. Gainsboro
  4. Galatica 
  5. Galaxy
  6. Galaxy Red 
  7. Gallery
  8. Galliano
  9. Gamboge
  10. Gamboge Orange
  11. Gannet Grey 
  12. Gargoyle 
  13. Gargoyle Gas
  14. Garnet Orange
  15. Garnet Red 
  16. Gauntlet 
  17. Geas
  18. Gecko 
  19. Geebung
  20. Gelato 
  21. Generic Viridian
  22. Geneva 
  23. Genie 
  24. Genie Purple
  25. Genoa
  26. Georgia Clay
  27. Geraldine
  28. Geranium Red
  29. German Grey 
  30. Geronimo 
  31. Get Reddy 
  32. Geyser
  33. Ghost
  34. Ghost White
  35. Ghoulish Graham Cracker  
  36. Giant’s Club  
  37. Giants Orange
  38. Gigas
  39. Giggle 
  40. Gimblet
  41. Gin
  42. Gin Fizz
  43. Ginger
  44. Gingerbread
  45. Gingko 
  46. Givry
  47. Glacier
  48. Glade Green
  49. Glaucous
  50. Glistening White 
  51. Glitter
  52. Glitter Purple 
  53. Glitterati 
  54. Glitterbug 
  55. Glossy Grape  
  56. Go Ben
  57. Go Go Go 
  58. GO Green
  59. Goblin
  60. Gobstopper 
  61. Goddess 
  62. Goethite 
  63. Gold
  64. Gold Coast 
  65. Gold Drop
  66. Gold Dust 
  67. Gold Foil
  68. Gold Fusion  
  69. Gold Rush 
  70. Gold Sand
  71. Gold Tips
  72. Golden Bell
  73. Golden Brown
  74. Golden Dream
  75. Golden Fizz
  76. Golden Flesh 
  77. Golden Glow
  78. Golden Grass
  79. Golden Poppy
  80. Golden Sand
  81. Golden Sand Beach
  82. Golden Straw
  83. Golden Tainoi
  84. Golden Yellow
  85. Goldenrod
  86. Goldfish 
  87. Goldmine 
  88. Gondola
  89. Gondola Grey 
  90. Goo
  91. Good Apollo
  92. Gooseberry  
  93. Gooseberry Sour
  94. Gordons Green 
  95. Gorse
  96. Gossamer
  97. Gossip
  98. Gossip Green 
  99. Gotham 
  100. Gothic
  101. GOV Position  
  102. Governor Bay
  103. Governor Bay Purple 
  104. Graceland 
  105. Grain Brown
  106. Grain Sand
  107. Grand Canyon  
  108. Grandis
  109. Granite Gray  
  110. Granite Green
  111. Granny Apple
  112. Granny Smith
  113. Granny Smith Apple
  114. Grape
  115. Grape Juice
  116. Graphite
  117. Grass
  118. Grass Green
  119. Grass Stain 
  120. Grasshopper 
  121. Grasslands 
  122. Gravel
  123. Gravity 
  124. Gray
  125. Gray Asparagus
  126. Gray Blue
  127. Gray Chateau
  128. Gray Nickel
  129. Gray Nurse
  130. Gray Olive
  131. Gray Sky
  132. Gray Suit
  133. Green
  134. Green Blue  
  135. Green Fields 
  136. Green Grapes
  137. Green Haze
  138. Green House
  139. Green Kelp 
  140. Green Leaf
  141. Green Lizard  
  142. Green Meets Blue 
  143. Green Mist
  144. Green Pea
  145. Green Room 
  146. Green Sheen  
  147. Green Smoke
  148. Green Spring
  149. Green Tea
  150. Green Vogue
  151. Green Waterloo
  152. Green White
  153. Green Yellow
  154. Greenback 
  155. Green-Blue  
  156. Green-Cyan
  157. Greenstone 
  158. Grenadier
  159. Grenadier Red 
  160. Grey
  161. Grey Chateau 
  162. Grey Friars 
  163. Grey Granite 
  164. Grey Green 
  165. Grey Nickel 
  166. Grey Nurse 
  167. Grey Olive 
  168. Grey Suit 
  169. Greywacke 
  170. Grizzly
  171. Groovy 
  172. Groundbreaker 
  173. Grullo
  174. Guardsman Brown 
  175. Guardsman Red
  176. Gules
  177. Gulf Blue
  178. Gulf Stream
  179. Gull
  180. Gum
  181. Gum Leaf
  182. Gumbo
  183. Gumboot 
  184. Gun Powder
  185. Gunmetal 
  186. Gunmetal 
  187. Gunsmoke
  188. Guppie Green
  189. Gurkha
  190. Guru 

If you’ve noticed the list listed less than 213 colors that start with G, that’s because some of these colors have more than 1 variation. It’s great to know all of them but that’s not what you’re here to know today. However, if you’re truly interested to know more, don’t procrastinate and look them up when you have time.

Now, you can already name more colors that start with G. The next thing to do is to know their RGB values. But first, what is RGB? According to TechTerms, RGB stands for “Red Green Blue” and it refers to a color model where the three hues of light are mixed together to produce different colors. This color model has 256 levels that range from 0 to 255; where if the maximum level of each color was used, which is 255, it would produce white and if the minimum level of each color was used, which is 0, it would produce black. There could be millions of colors that could be produced using the various combinations that we could make using the RGB. However, in this article we’ll be focusing on combinations that would result in colors that start with the letter G, and here are 40 of them:


Who knew there were these many colors that start with G? Not only are these colors captivating but their names are also interesting. The RGB values also surprised us with the many color variations that can be produced depending on the values we combine. So if you ever want to use the colors as font color, you can simply enter these RGB values and use them to bring color to your work and to your life. Or you can randomly try different values and see what color would come out. Knowing that there are millions of possible colors that could be produced using the RGB, who knows what you’d find. You might even stumble across another color that starts with G. 

Learning about colors fills us not only with color, of course, but with millions, to almost endless, possibilities. And after getting to know the look of these 40 colors that start with G, the world seemed to be more colorful. Don’t you think so too?


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Colors that start with the letter G- And their corresponding RGB Values

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