Colors That Starts With Letter A- Color Names

Colors That Starts With Letter A

Colors That Starts With Letter “A”

Colors That Starts With Letter “A”: Alabaster, Alice blue, Alloy Orange, Apple Green, Apricot, Ao, Aquamarine, Army green, Auburn, Avocado, and more

Thousands of colors make up the whole chromatic spectrum, from the shades of violet to the tints of yellow and gray tones; we can always think that colors are as diverse as us humans ourselves. Each color has its own rich history and symbolic meanings that are sometimes different across all cultures. Each color has its own characteristics and qualities that set them apart from others. Without further adieu, let me introduce to you some of the colors that start with the letter “A.”

Air Superiority Blue
This color was first introduced by the Federal Standard 545. The US Federal government choose this particular color to camouflage the aircraft to be visible from the ground. The color was adopted by the US Air Force and was a staple in many usages from 1956 to paint vehicles and other engines that involve the Air Force.

The color was used to describe the color of the mineral alabaster. The mineral itself is a soft rock that is commonly used in sculptures. The mineral is popular in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia in their ancient art, especially their deities’ sculptures. This color is whitish in color and has a quality that resembles the color of the material ivory.

Alice Blue
This color is described as a pale tint of azure. It was first introduced as a favorite color of the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt. The color became a fashionable color because she popularized it in 1919; the color also is the color that resembles the color of the iceberg if the sunlight hits it.

Alloy Orange
The color was original as one of the colors of the Metallic set of Crayola colors. This color has a deep orange color and cannot be interpreted as a metallic color on computer screens.


The color has a rosy-red quality and is also named from the flower of the same name. The color has the same quality as the color magenta, but it leaned more towards red. The color has been associated in western culture as a symbol of immortality. In Ancient Greece, the amaranth plant was believed as a native in Mount Olympus, the gods’ abode, and the plant does not wither.

Amazon is a variant shade of the color Jungle Green. It is described as a dark yellowish shade that was named after the tropical rainforest in South America of the same name.

This color is described as a vivid yellow color. The name was from a fossilized resin material of the same name. The color was present in the chromatic color wheel that is occurring in between yellow and orange. The color is commonly used as a chosen color in headlights, fog lamps, and stage lighting.

The color is a variant of the color lavender. The color is derived from the gemstone amethyst. It has a quality that exists between purple and violet. The gemstone, a variant of quarts, is the assigned color for those born in February.

Android Green
This color is a shade of the color chartreuse, a yellow-green color. The color was used in the official Android robot logo of the Android OS. However, the color was changed by 2019 as a part of the Android rebranding but retained this color in some applications.

Antique Ruby
The color was a variation of the red color ruby, which derived from the color of the gemstone. This variant has a dark tone and was first recorded in 1926. The color was visible in nature in certain species of hummingbirds and seahorses. The color was also visible in the infrared light in the spectrum of visible light in the human eyes.

Ao was a Japanese word for the color blue and green. This was later changed in modern times and replaced ao with the word Midori in referring to the color green. Today, the word is now referring to a green shade with the hex decimal triplet code of #008000.

Apple Green
The color is a tint of yellow and green. The color is referred to as the color of the skin of Granny Smith apples. This color is also used in the subway stations of the Central Business District of Manhattan in the US.

Apricot is a color that was named after the fruit apricot that has a light yellow-orange color. However, the color does not resemble the real color of apricots. In LGBT culture, the bandana code is used to identify sexual fetishes, it is the color used to identify the chubby chasers or those who like the gay men with a stocky build.

This color is a variant of cyan that has a quality of blue and green. The name refers to the Latin word for water because it resembles the color of the sea waters. The color was interchanged heavily with cyan in graphic and web design; however, the two differed in chromaticity and intensity.

The color refers to the variation of the color spring green. The name was derived from the mineral gemstone of the granite family, aquamarine. The name means water of the ocean.

Army Green
This color is a variant of the color olive green and is described as a moderate olive green. This color is a standard in the uniforms of the militaries around the world since World War II. Today, some nations used a variety of shades of green to use in their military uniforms.

Arylide Yellow
The color was derived from an organic pigment and is sometimes referred to as Hansa Yellow. The pigment was used as a colorant to industrial plastics and house paints. The color is also utilized in acrylic and oil paints and substituted the more toxic cadmium yellow. The color has a greenish-yellow quality to it.

Ash Gray
The color ash gray is used as a representation of the ash material. The color is a variant of gray and has a pale greenish hint to it.

Auburn is a vivid red color that can be found in Northwestern European people’s hair color or eyes. The color is almost has a maroonish quality to it, but it is always referred to as brownish-red. This hair color is common in Scandinavian countries; the name derived from the Old English word means off-white.

The color is a vivid greenish-yellow and is also referred to as cobalt yellow. The color is commonly used in the piments of oil paints nowadays.

The color is a deep yellow-green of the chartreuse color family. The name is referred to the color of the avocado fruit. The color is commonly used in automobiles and household items.

Azure is a vivid blue color, which the name derived from the lapis lazuli mineral. The color is abundant in pigmentation in nature; the color is visible in the deep region of the earth’s atmosphere. The color is also revered in the East as a symbol of spring and is complimentary of the color orange.

Colors That Starts With Letter A- Color Names

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