Sports Starting with K- Their Descriptions

Sports Starting with K

Sports Starting with K: Kickball, Kilikiti, Karate, Kendo, Kelly pool, Kite fighting, Kickboxing, Kubb, Kronum, Kiteboarding, Kneeboarding

Looking for the sports that start with the letter k? There are a thousand plus different sports, but this article describes the ones starting with K. The popular sports in this category are karate and kickboxing, while kabaddi is a favored top-end sport. The list has many unique sports that you might be learning about for the first time. They are played in different parts of the world by different categories of individuals. 

Here is the list: Sports Starting with K

Kickball- Also known as soccer, baseball is a sport invented in the United States of America where a team scores by ensuring its players return the ball to the field from home base and then go round the bases. In contrast, the other team tries to cease them by marking them out with a ball before returning to home base. 

Kilikiti-It is a cricket sport that originated from Samoa where one strikes the balls for a half-hour, and the other team does the same for the exact number of balls, and the winning team is the one with the most runs.

Kendo- A type of martial arts from Japan in which the participants use a bamboo sword (Shinai) to fight and as well as a shield or protective armor (bogu).

Kelly pool- A rotating type of game played on a standard pool table using a criterion set of sixteen pool balls.

Kabaddi- This is two team sport with seven players on each team. It is also known as a game of struggle. Players are out of the game if they are tagged but can be redeemed if the team scored from a tag.

Karate- It is an Okinawan martial art that involves punching and kicking but additionally advanced throws, arms bare, grappling, and all means of fighting.

Kurash- A Central Asia folk wrestling sport where the wrestlers use towels to grasps their rivals in order to hurl them off their feet. 

Knife throwing- A sport where a proficient artist throws a knife to a target.

Kite surfing- This is an intense sport where the rider controls the wind power with a big-sized power kite driven forward across the land, snow, and water.

Kroll– A mixed sport consisting of golf and croquet invented in Denmark. The game is played using croquet equipment, a ball, and a mallet and is played in golf, where the ball is hit with a mallet into a hole.

Korfball- This is a two-team sport that is similar to basketball and netball. The team consists of eight players with equally mixed genders where the ball is thrown to a 3.5metre high pole-mounted netless basket.

Kart racing- This is a form of motor-racing sport with vehicles called karts, which is small, with four wheels and a tubular frame with a rear-mounted engine. It is usually coursed on a scale-down circuit. 

Kayaking- It is an Olympic boat racing sport where a small boat is powered by the occupants using a double-bladed paddle in a sitting position.

Kegel- Bowling game in which a ball is wheeled down along a polished indoor lane in order to strike down the bowling pins (nine pins).

Kettlebell lifting- Also known as Girevoy sport or GS is a Russian origin sport where the players’ exercises use a solid spherical projectile called kettlebell made from iron.

Kemari- This is a Japanese-origin sport in which players are supposed to keep the ball (Mari) made from deerskin in the air using different parts of their bodies, excluding hands and arms.

Kite fighting- A game played by one or many opponents where the line tension alone controls the unstable single-line flat kite. The player who cuts the opponent’s line of a flying kite wins the fight.

Kin-ball- It is a three-team sport with four players in each team where the attacking team uses a big size ball of 1.2m diameter to hit the body above the defending team’s hips.

Kickboxing- A historical sport advanced from karate that is established by punching and kicking. This is a training sport for general body fitness, self-defense, or as a contact sport. 

Klootschieten- This is a Frisian origin sport where the players throw the ball (Kloot) using a relatively difficult style far as possible. The game requires power, speed, and concentration. It is also known as ball shooting.

Ki-o-Rahi– A two-team sport played with a small round ball on a circular field, and the team scores points when they touch the boundary markers and hit a central target.

Kneeboarding- Also known as towsport, is a water sport where the competitor is drawn on a floatable hydrodynamically shaped board at a planning speed. Mostly done in waves at the beach, and the player kneels on the heel of the board.

Kiteboarding– Also known as fly or landboarding. It is a kitesurfing sport where the rider is pulled over water on a surf-style board by a kite.

Kubb- A Swedish traditional game to strike to the ground the wooden blocks by flinging the wooden batons. The game is played on a pitch and is a combination of horseshoes and bowling.

Kronum- A sport-specified ball that is played on three concentric circles on the field. It integrates the characteristics of handball, basketball, rugby, and football into a single sport.

Kaisa- A Russia origin cue sport played by two teams or two players. It is variegate of pocket billiards and carom game styles. 

Kho-Kho- An Indian invented tag game played by two teams of twelve players in each where the nine players (chasing team) sit on their knees at the center of the field whilst the remaining three players (defending team) make an effort to avoid being tagged by the players of the other team.

Krachtbal- This is a team sport that translates to Powerball that is only played in Flanders. It is played in the field, and the goal line is a region outside the field, along with the breadth on each end.

Sports Starting with K- Their Descriptions

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