How much money are jetpacks?

How much money are jetpacks?


Jetpacks are one of the coolest gadgets which have ever been invented by Humans. It gives them hope for a beautiful, technical world in the future. But, most of us are unaware of Jetpacks. How do they work, when was it made, and how expensive they are? Is it travel-friendly? like cars and other vehicles why we didn’t use that super cool gadget in our mundane life? 

How expensive are they?

There are some Jetpack available in the market from a countable number of industries. One of the popular companies is Jetpack Aviation, Martin Aircraft. Those high-quality jetpacks are available for 150,000 dollars and more. Anyway, you need at least 150,000 dollars to get a brand new jetpack. Still, every single aircraft company is working on better versions of jetpacks. 

  1. Idea of Jetpack
  2. First Jetpack of the world
  3. Principles of jetpacks
  4. Evolution of jetpacks
  5. How long it takes to learn Jetpacks
  6. Costs range of various jetpacks

The idea of jetpack:

Jetpacks started to fly in people’s heads even before the 1930s. Edward E. Smith was the story writer of ‘The Skylark of Space’ which was published in 1928. The cover of that storybook will feature a man with his jetpacks wandering in the brine sky like our recent jetpacks with all the cylinders, handles, nozzles, etc. Which attracted the readers and made them expect some cool gadgets like those comical jetpacks. And the first space shuttle launch in 1942 made them believe in jetpacks even stronger. 

First Jetpack of the world:

Jetpack fever took off with the first public flight in 1961 by Wenden Moore. Which is called a Rocket belt. Rocket belt technology started to take off when Bill Rodger joined Bell AeroSystems in  1964. When he was nineteen years old his neighbor Wender Moore invented the Rocket Belt and he was searching for a pilot that age to fulfill the contractual obligation with the US army. In October 1962 President Kennedy saw the demonstration of jetpacks and later it was flown at the Pentagon in front of 3,000 military personnel the big brass saw the potential for the battlefield.

Principles of Jetpack:

The science of jetpack is merely the concept of Rocket Science. Rocket Science is one of the most complicated sciences in the world. But, to know the basics it is nothing but Newton’s third law of motion. “Every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” The Jetpacks also work that way like Rockets. Either it’s water jetpacks or fuel jetpacks, both have to thrust a force from their nozzles which creates an opposite reaction of acceleration. Current Jetpacks are using Hydrogen peroxide and Nitrogen are mixed and the chemical reaction produces a stream from the nozzles which create a thrust and accelerates the mass. 

Evolution of Jetpack:

To be honest, Back then they were loud, expensive, hard to fly, and only capable of 30 seconds flights in 50 years, nothing has changed drastically. Yes, some alterations were done and some are available in the markets too. But, still, they are not capable of longer than one hour. And still, they are heavy and expensive. Now, it’s not done once you bought Jetpack, you have to learn them, control them, maintain and spend for the fuels. So, still, it is expensive and heavy because you have to carry not only a jetpack but gas cylinders too.

How long does it take to learn Jetpacks?

Back in 1962, The Military Personnel asked Moore how long it would take to learn to fly in jetpack. That’s when Bill got the job. For Bill, it took more than 60 tether flights to control the jetpack in 1962. Learning to control the throttle and adjust the nozzles for steering is the hardest part of piloting a jet pack. 

Cost ranges of various jetpack:

From the well-known industries like

  • Jetpack Aviation – models like JB 10 would cost you around 295,000 dollars, JB 11 will cost you 340,000 dollars. 
  • Martin Jetpacks – these jetpacks will cost you around 150,000 dollars to 250,000 dollars. 
  • British Based Richard Browning’s Gravity Industries – Browning’s Jet suits will cost you around 446,000 dollars. These jetpacks are like Iron man suits and one of the coolest models in jetpacks. 

These models are currently available in the market. And you can purchase them from their legit websites or other legit websites and apps. They need some practice before the use and which costs you more for fuel after the purchase. 


Nothing has changed since the jetpacks were invented, only some alterations and alternatives were done when compared to the first jetpack rocket belt. This means we must be careful when we are learning them. And once we know how it works and how to control them, it is no more an alien gadget, it becomes one of your parts like wings to the birds. Like birds, you will know how it works and how to control them. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need a license for Jetpack driving?

Our current jetpacks are like remote control cars. You are just going to operate it as a joystick game (even though it seems an easy task you need a lot of practice.) And it can only travel for a limited amount of time to a limited distance. 

  • How much would a Jetman cost me?

It is one of the coolest jetpacks in the world. They will come with wings like movie jetpacks. It will cost you around 148,260 dollars approximately. But, you have to add some more parts to these jetpacks like fuel and other electrical parts. 

  • Does the Military use jetpack?

Since jetpacks are introduced to the public, the military wants to use them in their field to sneak into the enemies’ territory and look into their places and guard the nation while wandering in the skyline. But, current jetpack is not that upgraded versions. So, scientists are still working on them. Once it is upgraded scientists would love to give those jetpack to Military warriors. 

  • Where is my jetpack? 

This is one of the most popular questions among jetpackphiles. From the beginning until now scientists cannot produce the advanced version of jetpack. Because it takes more efficient materials, fuels, and high tech technology to produce human-friendly jetpacks and to make them available in the market, the fuel should be a common substance like petrol and Diesel. Unfortunately, Jetpack Does not drink normal fuels. 

How much money are jetpacks?

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