Did Left Eye Have a Daughter?

Did Left Eye Have a Daughter?

At one point in our lives, we have stopped all our activities, dashed to the radio, and tuned up its volume to listen to the hit song Waterfalls by the TLC group. This particular track has either made individuals want to sway their bodies and sing along to the lyrics or pour themselves a cup of lemon tea and bob their heads while they peacefully sip their drink. In addition to being thoroughly entertaining, Waterfalls held a strong message, urging youths to accept the fact that it was okay to build success slowly. The lyrics were composed to fight the increase of criminal activities among young people who wanted to make a quick buck. This is not the only song that touched the hearts of many. TLC produced a number of ground-shaking tunes that impacted their audiences. Unfortunately, one of their members, Left Eye, met her demise at the age of 30 in a horrific car crash. On April 25th, 2002, the world wept for Lisa Nicole Lopes.


Yes, Left Eye did have a daughter. While in rehab, Left Eye met a mother who was undergoing severe hardship. Left Eye’s encounter with this woman significantly impacted her. After leaving the rehab, she adopted this particular woman’s daughter. At that time, the child was eight years old. Left Eye named the girl Snow Lopes. Ten years prior to this new addition to Left Eye’s life, she had adopted a twelve-year-old boy, Jamal Lopes. At the time of her death, Left Eye had two children. 

Who was Left Eye?

Lisa Nicole Lopes was known for her beauty, kind heart, talents, and tenacity. Some might recall her as the girl who set her boyfriend’s shoes on fire and wound up burning down their mansion. Others might remember her on account of her beautiful voice and love for charity. Lisa was an American singer, lyricist, dancer, producer, and rapper. She was a part of the girl group TLC, where she pursued her music career alongside Tionne Watkins, aka T-Boz, and Rozonda Thomas, aka Chilli. Lisa was better known as Left Eye, a moniker that she adopted after a love interest proclaimed that he found her left eye attractive. 

Left Eyes creativity was often praised. During the prime of her life, it received a plethora of co-composing credits, more than the other TLC members ever did. She was also the brains behind the design of her group’s attire. Young women across the world would often be spotted clad in TLC-inspired outfits. It was a significant contributor to the group’s song videos, album titles, art, and image. Her hard work did not go unappreciated, as she was awarded four Grammy Awards in the course of her career.

It did not dedicate her energy to TLC alone. From 1998 to 2002, she decided to pursue a solo music career. Two of her singles Not Tonight and U Know What’s Up appeared in America’s top 10 hit list during this brief time. Left Eye is also responsible for the beloved track, Never Be the Same Again, where she collaborated with British singer Melanie C from Spice Girls. This particular song appeared in the UK’s list of number-one singles. It made yet another bold career move by forming a girl group by the name Blaque. This group managed to produce a platinum album. Two of their songs also appeared in America’s hit list.

Left Eye Struggles

There is no great human that has ever lived on earth without encountering struggles. Brilliance attracts challenges, a factor that seems to be a trend in musicians, actors, painters, and innovators. Left Eye had always been vocal about some of the challenges she had undergone as a child and even as an adult. Her childhood was tumultuous as she came from an alcoholic and abusive family. Left Eye could not seem to tear herself away from the vice that had daunted her childhood. As an adult, she constantly battled with alcoholism. This personal struggle is what led Left Eye to meet her daughter. During one time in rehab, she encountered a mother who was also battling addiction. This woman left a large impression on Left Eye, who went on to adopt the woman’s daughter. Snow Lopes was only eight years old when she joined the Lopes family. Left Eye’s zeal for music, battle with alcohol addiction, and helping the less fortunate is an inspiration to a colossal number of individuals worldwide.

How did Left Eye die?

Left Eye’s death was abrupt and heart-wrenching to her loved ones and the world. At the time of her death, Left Eye was in the process of building two educational institutions for children in Honduras. To avoid colliding with an oncoming vehicle, Left Eye swerved off the road. This action catapulted her body through the windshield. In May 2007, the world got an opportunity to catch a glimpse of Left Eye’s life in her documentary, The Last Days of Left Eye on VH1. Before her untimely death, Left Eye had been working on this documentary.

As a tribute to her, Left Eye’s family began a charity group called the Lisa Lopes Foundation. This group was meant to provide resources for neglected and abandoned youth. 


Left Eye is still recalled to date due to her passion for music and humanity. The fact that someone can walk into rehab and walk out with an intent to adopt a daughter is, well, unheard of. Left Eye’s creativity blessed the world with tracks that we still listen to. Her ambition to change how music is perceived and how abandoned youths were living is something to admire. The foundation established by the Lopes family has helped a lot of youths get on their feet. Even though she is no longer with us, Left Eye’s fervent spirit continues to live amongst us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is written on Left Eye’s tombstone?

The lyrics of Waterfall are carved into Left Eye’s tombstone. 

  1. Which other group did Left Eye work with apart from TLC?

Left Eye was featured in one of N Sync’s Albums, No Strings Attached. 

  1. Is it true that Left Eye worked with Tupac during her death?

Yes. The two collaborated in a Posthumous Duet. This was for her Album, Supernova. The songs were recorded before Tupac died.

Did Left Eye Have a Daughter?

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