How Much is Cicis Buffet per Person?

how much is cicis buffet per person

Cicis is an American Restaurant Company based in Irving, Texas. It has over 297 store locations all over the United States. Cicis is popular for its finger-licking pizzas at affordable prices. The chain made immense progress when it was first opened and has continued to serve its customers premium quality food to this day. Cicis has won various prestigious awards for its excellent service and food that are healthy. They don’t fail to impress and are their consumers’ top choice all the time. Today Cicis offers more than just pizzas and has expanded its reach to almost all parts of America. People visit Cicis for its mouth-watering buffets; it is very popular all over the country. Their buffets are a platter of heaven because you won’t be able to turn your head away once you taste their buffet food. In this article, we will take a glance at Cicis and learn a lot about them and their food and mainly about their buffet. Read more to familiarize yourself with An Overview of America’s Top Fast-Food Chain Menu.

Food that You Can Get From Cicis

Cicis first opened as primarily a pizza-selling restaurant chain, but later, as years went by, they started adding other snacks and food to their menus to cater to their customers’ needs. So now you can find a wide range of options from them without repeatedly eating the same menu: : An Overview of America’s Top Fast-Food Chain’s Menu.

  • Pizza: You will be surprised to see the variety of pizzas they make. You may find yourself holding their menu and thinking about what to buy. From classic pizzas to their specialties, they have it all in them only for you. Here, we have listed their pizzas for your convenience.
  1. Alfredo
  2. Spinach Alfredo
  3. Beef
  4. Zesty Ham and Cheddar
  5. Pepperoni
  6. Cheese
  7. Sausage
  8. Hawaiian
  9. Zesty Veggie
  10. Zesty Pepperoni
  11. Mac and Cheese
  12. Buffalo Chicken
  13. Pepperoni and Beef
  14. Meat Eater
  15. Supreme
  16. Veggie
  17. Pepperoni and Jalapeno
  18. BBQ Pork

Apart from normal classic round pizzas, they also have pan, flatbread, and stuffed pizzas. So if you are bored with the same round pizzas, you can go for these pizzas that differ from the others to spice up your plate.

  • Wings: Cicis also has the tastiest buffalo saucy wings that you will find nowhere else. The Buffalo wings come in several flavors. The Garlic Parmesan, BBQ, and the Hot Buffalo are the popular ones on the menu.
  • Poppers: You can get Cicis’ Pepperoni Poppers and Jalapeno Poppers with dipping sauce. They are simple and are delicious baked fresh dough with cheese.
  • Dessert: If you want to end with a dessert, you can choose from Cicis’ classic brownies, the Cinnamon Rolls and Cicis specialties, the Bavarian Dessert Pizza, and Apple Dessert Pizza. Cicis took one step ahead with these innovative dessert pizzas. The sweet goodness of the pizza bread with sweet crumb drizzle and icing will give you the seventh heaven feeling.
  • Salads and Sides: Salads, Cheesy Bread, Pasta, Soup are also available at every Cicis food chain.
  • Drinks: Just like any other fast-food chain, Cicis has drinks for you to get rid of the greasy feeling in your mouth you might get when you eat too much cheese.

The Cicis Buffet

The Cicis Buffet is one of the iconic things in Cicis and probably in the entire United States. If you want Cicis’ great and delicious food on a single plate, at an affordable price, in front of you, then you should go for their buffet option. You can get all eighteen kinds of fast foods such as pizza, pasta, cheese bread, salad, dessert, and a drink. All the goodness you one go. Treat yourself or your friends to this exclusive buffet, a buffet experience that you never had before. Cicis rose to its fame because of its buffet. The concept of the buffet was unique. The buffet comes at one of the lowest prices that you can ever imagine. Cicis has different price ranges for their buffet: : An Overview of America’s Top Fast-Food Chain’s Menu.

An adult’s buffet would cost only $5.99, which is a great snatch. We would recommend you to go to Cicis and get their food now and then. But this is not the end. For kids from 4 years to 10 years, the buffet costs $4.49, and for kids three and under, $1.39. No other fast-food chain will bring you the best of food at such low prices. Customize your buffet, add stuff, and repeat; you have full freedom. Eat whatever you want to your heart’s content. Cicis is there to serve you.

Why is Cicis So Popular?

Cicis have been greatly accepted by their customers, who have always left positive feedback. It is preferred by many because of its prices. A large pizza costs less than $10, the stuffed crusts cost $7.99, and the drinks are $2.29. The wings cost only $4.49. Desserts are only $4.99. The prices may vary according to the flavors and sizes, but more or less, this is what you will spend if you eat at Cicis. Customization and extras cost extra money.


There are always giant deals going around in Cicis. They have exclusive coupon codes which can help you buy their food at lower prices. Sometimes they may give away their beverages for free or just give flat discounts on everything. Their best deal is giving away one whole pizza for free for a purchase of two of their pizzas. The buy two get one offer is one of the best deals at Cicis.


They work hard towards providing their customers the tastiest food at affordable prices. Everyone wants to have a bite of a pizza, but not everyone can have it, either because it is hard to make or because it is expensive. Cicis is for those who cannot treat themselves. They maintain the freshness and quality of food and give them away at the lowest price possible. Also, their constant experimenting and new inventions of pizza and other delicacies are what make eating at Cicis so fun. Cicis’ hard work, dedication, and customer service have made Cicis so successful today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a Cicis buffet?

Ans: Go to your nearest Cicis store. It is a dine-in buffet system, so you can’t take it home or order online. Cicis has self-serve buffets, but because of the covid’s out-break, they have servers now to prevent the spread of the infection. So get in a line, and the servers will serve you your food.

What can I get in a Cicis buffet?

Ans: Any pizzas of your choice, pasta, salad, cheese bread, dessert, and a drink.

Is Cicis cheap?

 Ans: Cicis is one of the few fast-food chains that sell their food at low prices. It is a favorite spot for everyone for its affordable price range, fresh food, and unique styles.

How Much is Cicis Buffet per Person?

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