Do they sell Benjamin Moore Paint at Home Depot?

Do they sell Benjamin Moore Paint at Home Depot?

Construction renovation is certainly one reason why most people visit paint stores to buy paints. However, it is on rare occasions that people buy paint for other purposes. Yes, there are some substandard paint brands that no one wants to associate with, and some other paint brands always talk of the town. However, the likes of Benjamin Moore paint have stood the test of time and have become the go-to brand for paints.

In this piece, I will be intimidating you with places where you can buy Benjamin Moore paint and places where it isn’t possible to get the paint. Read further to know do they sell Benjamin Moore Paint at Home Depot or not.

The majority of people are very curious about where they can buy the ever-dashing Benjamin Moore paint, either as a homeowner or as a construction worker. Generally, the reputation of home depot, which is linked with quality supplies to the populace, made it one of the first stop points for customers looking out for Benjamin Moore to paint. While standing at the Home Depot paint section, you would be amazed by the number of brands available in the store.

However, with your mind fixed on the Benjamin Moore paint, the sales executive would be very challenging to convince you otherwise. Unfortunately, Benjamin Moore’s paint isn’t sold at the home depot due to the strict regulation of the organization on its distribution chain. 

The paint contractor’s conviction

You would often have heard paint contractors telling you to skip visiting Home Depot and take a trip to a standalone store for your paint purchase. If you are working on a tight budget and do not have an elaborate project requiring painting, such as re-painting your living room or your kid’s room, going for all your paint needs at home depot is the best idea. 

Besides, any tool you might require to get the work done easily can be picked up at home depot, while the big question stands as to which brand of paint would you opt for?

What are the paint brands available at Home Depot?

Home Depot focuses on two major brands, which are the Behr and the Glidden paint brand. However, some other paint brands are available at Home depot. One of the most notable brands that are available at Home depot is the PPG. Unfortunately, at the home depot store, you wouldn’t be able to purchase craft paint, specially formulated paints, or decorative paints. 


Behr has been one of the brands carried by Home Depot since 1978, and it is often compared to the Benjamin Moore paint in terms of the quality it offers. With this being the category where the Behr paint belongs, it is often displayed on the most attractive shelf at Home Depot to catch the attention of prospective shoppers. Another paint option positioned to get the buyer’s attention is the Marque, as it is a quality paint you would love to opt for. However, if you are a shopper with a tight budget, this paint brand might be excluded from your list. 


This is another respectable paint brand that is owned by the PPG industries is it more of a less costly paint available at Home depot.  Besides, the paint can be purchased at all Walmart stores nationwide, making it a readily available paint option. Most often, the quality of Glidden paint is always compared to that of the Behr paint due to its preference for outdoor painting among many contractors.


The PPG industry was bought Glidden industry in 2012 also has a premium production of paint known to the populace. It is named the PPG Diamond, although it goes by the name Glidden Diamond in the past. Besides, PPG has a line of paint that offers an appealing scent, making it a preferable option for most homeowners.

Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Home Depot does not sell the Benjamin Moore paint mostly because the organization prefers to supply its paint to independent retailers only; meanwhile, Home Depot deals with a larger supplies scale as a retailer. Meanwhile, Benjamin Moore stated that they only choose to supply independent retailers mostly because that upholds their values. 

Benjamin Moore also made it known that they would set their paint apart from their competitors by ensuring they have quality products to offer their clients and create a personalized experience for their clients. They also believe that customers do not have a personalized experience if they had to visit the big-box stores to get their paints, which is one of the reasons they do not supply to Home Depot. 

Does Home Depot color match Benjamin Moore’s paint?

Generally, Home Depot does not offer a paint that matches Benjamin Moore’s paint color scheme, but there are other wide ranges of colors available in their store. 

With the Home Depot color services they offer to their clients, it is possible to have a color match Benjamin Moore paint through a sample at their mixing machine. This is mainly because their mixing machine does have the same range of colors used to produce the Benjamin Moore paint.


Home Depot does not receive the Benjamin Moore paint supplies due to the business’s niche. Benjamin Moore paints are only readily available through independent retailers and online orders, which shows that Home Depot isn’t part of their supply chain. Some other paint brands are available at home depot, which can be compared to Benjamin Moore paint and the color matching services at the Home Depot store is also an advantage.


Why do paint contractors use Sherwin-Williams or Benjamin More?

The quality these paints offer is one of the most important reasons contractors prefer to opt for them. More so, the availability of these paints gives it another edge over other paints.

Which Benjamin Moore paint does Lowes sell?

Lowe’s can carry some other paint brand, but it is rare to see Lowe selling the Benjamin Moore paint. Most of the Benjamin Moore paints are color-matched, which is the only way to get it at those boxed stores.

Do they sell Benjamin Moore Paint at Home Depot?

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