How High Should a Floating TV Unit Be?

How high should a floating tv unit be

It’s not only about choosing excellent furniture to pair with beautiful paintings and pillows when it comes to decorating your home. It turns out that everyone will have to make some realistic decisions. Among the most important considerations is the height at which television should be installed. So, now you have decided to install your TV, you’ll be faced with an important question: how high should a floating tv unit be?

What should be the height?

The suggested TV stand height is forty-two inches; however, the ideal viewing angle is determined by the height of the chairs and sofas. When sitting, measure the eye level to ensure the TV’s core part isn’t too much over your line of vision. While you are sitting, experts advise maintaining the center of your television at eye level. But that depends on your height. So this may be different for everyone.

Then, What height should a floating TV unit be?

There is a standard height for the floating televisions as per the general guidelines. Floating TV stands are typically 36 inches to 42 inches above the ground. This provides space for floating TV cabinets and a comfortable distance from the surface to avoid knocking it accidentally.

A 42-inch television must be positioned approximately 55″ from the ground to the TV center, and a fifty-five-inch television must be sixty inches, and so on. 

Getting Ready for reclining the chair

If you want to recline, then you may need to raise your TV. It is suggested that the viewing angle must not exceed fifteen degrees below or above the core of the screen. As per a well-known cinema certificate program, the key features and quality will be distorted if your television is mounted too high.

Are you wondering how you can determine the center of the television? We have the solution. You can sit on the couch, close your eyes and point to the center of your view is another way to determine where the center of the television should be. Then,  put a mark on the front wall as you open up your eyes. Now continue the cycle until you’ve reached a satisfactory average, and you’ll know wherever you want the TV’s center to be.

Using a Fireplace to Mount the TV

The height at which a television must be mounted is influenced by furniture and the fireplace.  Most makers, however, recommend that you do not set your television over a fireplace. The Electrical wires in a TV are sensitive and can be destroyed if they become too hot.

Installing a Television in a Living Room

If you’re installing a TV in your entertainment area, then rules change a bit. Since the people will be standing for most of the time, the TV’s center should be about 60 inches well above ground. That’s about the similar height at which museums and galleries display their artwork for best viewing.

Why should you mount your TV?

There are several benefits of mounting a television, from health to comfort.

You can watch comfortably.

Comfort is the first thing that we go after. The viewing angle affects your enjoying experience, but it can also lead to neck and back problems resulting from bad posture.  So, in that case, a television stand with an amount allows you to modify the height and the angle to fit your room’s arrangement.

Some versions include an adjustable feature. You can adjust the height that lets you modify the display’s size after it has been installed. This is a helpful feature for families with members of varying heights.

Increased safety

You will find it hard to believe that, but flat-screen televisions are particularly prone to toppling and can crash with hundreds of pounds of pressure and force. But it is not something that can’t be solved. The problem is solved with a TV with a mount attached to the entertainment unit’s study basis. This acts as balancing for the TV, reducing the possibility of it tipping over, and also, several models come with an anti-tipping system. So, you’ll have safety and comfort. 

Improve health

The more we use electronic devices to simplify our everyday chores and job functions, the more health concerns we have with our body position and eyesight. 

When you mount the television on the wall, you’ll have a reasonable viewing distance and a good height to enjoy it. It may be adjusted to every position you like, bringing the pleasure we all want to the apartment. 

TVs are changing and developing at the same rate as every other technological device around us. They are now brighter, lively, beautiful, and, for the first time, truly more considerable than they were just a few years back. They appear more prominent, requiring more space in our rooms due to the accessories and sizes.

Wall-mounts enable you to position your television at the optimal greater angle for optimal viewing. TVs placed on some furniture are sometimes lower or higher than your eye level,  but the wall-mounted televisions are at eye level, avoiding eye strain and neck sprain. 


Because the television is often the center of attention in the room, you’ll require a storage and organization solution that blends in with the remainder of your furnishings while making a significant design statement.

TV stands come in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes to meet your needs. A TV with a mount combines the convenience of the mount with the extra storage of the entertainment center.


We have seen in the article that if the TV is mounted at a perfect height, it gives health benefits. Eye strain and neck and back sprain are the most common issues that can merely be treated by adjusting the height of your TV stand.  A TV with the amount not only adds style to your room but can also help you organize your house by giving different areas and storage space for multimedia devices. We hope that we have been a help to you. 

How High Should a Floating TV Unit Be?

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