Is the Movie the Last of the Dogmen on Netflix?

is the movie the last of the dogmen on netflix

“Netflix and chill” has become a tradition in almost all the countries in the world. The phrase translates to an individual selecting a particular time of their day to sit on the couch and binge-watch a movie or TV show. Netflix has become a worldwide entertainment platform, with 209 million subscribers relying on it for their favorite films/series. At one point or another, we have all had the pleasure of scrolling through the movies and shows on Netflix, enjoying the previews and recommendations availed by the platform. If your poison happens to lie somewhere between mystery and adventure, then you have probably come across the film, Last of the Dogmen. The film has been described as grappling by critics and is highly recommended for thrill-seekers. Read more to know is the Movie the Last of the Dogmen on Netflix or not?


Last of the Dogmen can be found on Netflix. The renowned film can also be found on HBO Max, Showtime, CNS All Access, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Starz. 

What is Netflix?

Netflix has become common terminology in this generation. The platform can be found in most TV homes, laptops, and cell phones. To some, Netflix is a friend that comforts them when they are sad. To some, Netflix has become a source of inspiration, a well from which they draw their creativity. 

Netflix is a streaming platform that avails an array of critically acclaimed films, series, documentaries, and anime. The content platform and production enterprise were founded in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Initially, its capital was in Scotts Valley, California, but now it is in Los Gatos of the same state. The company airs its own films/shows but also accepts other content from diverse production companies. Seventy-two million individuals are said to own this platform in America and Canada. Their content cuts across genres, and one can enjoy them without worrying about irksome commercials popping up. The streaming service is subscription-based, and one is required to renew their payments monthly. A basic subscription plan in the United States requires a monthly fee of $8.99. If one desires to stream HD and Ultra HD (4K), they will have to pay a monthly fee of $17.99. Due to these affordable prices, a plethora of people flock towards the platform so as to get away from their day-to-day realities. 

Netflix is a proud member of the MPA (Motion Picture Association). This virtually means that the company can produce and distribute content from nations worldwide.

Countries where Netflix cannot be found

Netflix can be found anywhere in the world except Syria, North Korea, mainland China, and Crimea. For North Korea, Syria, and Crimea, American sanctions are the reason why these countries’ citizens cannot enjoy using the platform. Mainland China has localized restrictions that prevent the presence of the platform in that region.

Who is behind the Last of the Dogmen film?

This 1995 film has proven itself to be a classic alongside films like Psycho, West Side Story, and Casablanca. The Indie movie is filled with mysteries and bone-chilling discoveries that involve cultural extinction and humanity.

Tab Murphy debuted in the film industry as a feature director using this particular film. On this particular project, Murphy worked alongside actors/actresses Tom Berenger (Lewis Gates), Barbara Hershey (Professor Lillian Dianne Sloan), Steve Reevis (Yellow Wolf), and Kurtwood Smith (Sheriff Deegan). The shooting of the film was done in Mexico, British Columbia, Canada, and Alberta. The movie was produced by none other than Joel B. Michaels and Mario Kassar. Michaels is best known for his iconic films The Challenger, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, Terminator Salvation, and Basic instinct 2.

What is the Last of the Dogmen about?

Tab Murphy did not only direct this film, but he also wrote it. The story unfolds itself in the northwestern Montana mountains along the Canada and Idaho borders. A skilled bounty hunter by the name of Lewis Gates is charged with the task of locating three dangerous escaped convicts. Gates is accompanied by his horse and Zip, his dog, who happens to be a loyal companion. The bounty hunter follows these escaped convicts to Montana’s Owbox Quadrangle. Gates would have forfeited this particular mission if it was not for his father-in-law, who holds him accountable for his daughter’s death.

During his quest, Gates discovers that the Cheyenne Dog Soldiers have murdered the escaped convicts. This is after he takes the murder weapon he unravels at the scene of the crime to Professor Lilian Sloan, an archeologist who distinctly points out that the arrows Gates found to belong to the lost tribe of Native Americans. As he continues his investigation, Gates discovers that these Dog Soldiers have been living in the wilderness in the heart of Montana, murdering all those who trespassed their land. It comes as an apparent shock that the members of this tribe had resided in that area for more than a century. Gates’ discovery exposes the tribe to the town’s Sheriff, who wishes to retaliate against the Dogmen. Gates and Sloan join forces to save the tribe from an undeserving massacre. 

You can stream this film on Netflix and see whether Gates is able to salvage this mysterious tribe.


Last of the Dogmen is an intriguing story that brings into perspective how humans are threatened by what they consider different. The Dog Soldiers should have been left alone to continue with their lives or, better yet, brought out to rejoin society. Instead, the lives of the members of the tribe were threatened. Murphy seeks to remind us that humanity is something worth fighting for. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long is the film Last of the Dogmen

The film lasts for one hour and fifty-eight minutes.

  1. What breed was Lewis Gates’ dog?

Gates’ dog was a blue heeler, an Australian Cattle dog blue heeler. 

Is the Movie the Last of the Dogmen on Netflix?

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