What is the Cost of A Fish Tank From The Show Tanked?

how much does a fish tank from the show tanked cost

I’m sure you’ve heard of the show ‘Tanked’ but if not let us get started! Let’s know What is the Cost of A Fish Tank From The Show Tanked?

Tanked is an American reality TV series that airs on Animal Planet. It has been running from August 2011 to December 2018. 

Wayde King and Brett Raymer are the hosts. They are also best friends and brothers-in-law and to crown it up they are business partners who operate Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM). ATM is the biggest Aquarium manufacturer in the States.

While it aired it did an amazing job installing fish tanks in businesses and homes. It showed its viewers behind the scenes of building the tanks and this process is what has kept viewers glued to this show for years.

What we will go through

  1. How much do the Tanked tanks cost
  2. Is “Tanked” Cancelled for good?
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Let’s dive into it.

What is the Cost of A Fish Tank?

The tanks range from 5,000 dollars for 10 gallons, 1 200 dollars to 6000 dollars for 100 gallons, and to 1 million dollars or more for a 5,000 gallon or larger which contains a variety of rare fish. Since most of the tanks are custom-made, they come in many shapes and sizes. They can be the good old traditional tanks to storied cylindrical ones filled with different species of fish, coral, and plants.

The crazier the design the more the tank will cost. Keep in mind you have to include the maintenance fee, which ranges between 50 cents to 1 dollar per gallon every month

The one factor that makes these tanks expensive is the amount of time and work that goes into designing the tanks. Designing the tank includes many processes and that’s why they tend to be expensive. 

Here is why in some homes an aquarium is the priciest thing owned.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of The Fish Tanks Include:

  1. The Type of Glass

The quality of the glass used has to be strong for it to contain high volumes of water. The glass should also have a clear view for everyone to see the variety of fish in your collection.

This means that the price of the glass will not be cheap because it is custom-made specifically for your tank.

If you are going for the high-end fish, it is advisable to go with high-quality glass. This will prevent the fish from trying to break through the glass or any crack from a bump.

Also, remember the larger the tank the more money you will spend on the glass.

  1. The Weight Of The Tank

The weight of the tank heavily contributes to higher freight charges.  If you prefer your tank to be delivered and set up at home, it will probably be more costly. 

The weight will also affect the area that the tank is placed. Keep in mind the water and the fish will make the tank way heavier.

  1. The Price Of The Fish

The price of the fish goes hand in hand with the type of fish. You have to think about the cost of the fish that will fill up your tank.

You can start by analyzing the fish that you like. Find out which species of fish can coexist together. Remember the larger the fish the more expensive it is likely to be. The species also matters because the more unique it is the more money you will spend.

Additionally, there will be times when you will need to supplement the fish population now and again.

For sure the price of the fish does take a huge portion of the total cost.

  1. The Diet Of Your Fish

Your fish will need to eat therefore ensure you make a food budget to know how much you will be spending on your marine friends monthly. 

Keep in mind the more fish the more you will spend. Some food is pretty affordable but some fish might need more expensive food.

Ensure you choose fish that you will be able to feed because the unique the species the more money you will spend on food.

If you are not careful you could end up spending more money on fish food than on yourself.

  1. The Health Of Your Fish

If you haven’t thought about it, fish do get sick sometimes too! Your fish will need medical attention. This will dig into your pocket too.

If they happen to have a disease or a fungus then you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible. If you take the matter lightly you might just end up with no fish in your beautiful aquarium.

You need to do your research thoroughly on fish tanks and how to detect diseases to prevent them before it is too late. The more you know the more you will have your fish living their best life.

Another option is calling experts to come in and check on your fish and the tank from time to time. It does mean that you will be spending even more dollars on the health of your fish because it is the most important part of owning an aquarium.

  1. The Operating Costs

A fish tank will always have filters running. You will spend more money on a bigger tank compared to a smaller tank. 

Your aquarium will also need lights, which will occasionally keep the tank bright. On the bright side, more companies are building energy-efficient tanks nowadays but you will still have some running costs to think of.

Is “Tanked” Cancelled For Good?

The show was canceled on the 17th, March 2019. The series came to an end after putting out 15 seasons, 154 episodes. 

Animal planet canceled the show due to sinking ratings.

Additionally, it could be because, in March 2018, Wayde’s wife Heather King filed for a divorce after being arrested for domestic violence charges in Las Vegas. 

But is this it for ‘Tanked’?

Wayde King and Brett Raymer just aren’t done yet. They hope to start a YouTube Channel to promote their shop called “Lifestyle of The Fish & Famous.”

They have additionally expanded to building bird and reptile enclosures. 


Before you get yourself an aquarium, ensure you do some research to understand the aquarium you are investing in. Understand how to feed the fish healthy and the procedures required to put the tank together. It is important because you will be taking care of living creatures; it is not just a hobby but also a rather expensive hobby.

What is the Cost of A Fish Tank From The Show Tanked?

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