What do you call an Oversized Chair?

What do you call an Oversized Chair

A chair and a half is the name for calling an oversized chair but don’t you think calling that name to the chair sounds unusual and does not give justice to the exquisiteness of the timeless piece of furniture ever made in history? It is the greatest invention of comfort chairs of all time. It may sound exaggerated to make that statement but people who love style and comfort to be blended into one will attest to it. In this article, I will explore the origin of an oversized chair and the purpose for which they make it. An oversized chair is wider than a standard chair but narrower than a loveseat (loveseat is a couch of two seats). The word that gives justice to an oversized chair is the word ‘chaise longue’, yes this is a French word and that is what you call an Oversized Chair. Read more about what do you call an Oversized Chair.

What do you call an Oversized Chair? Chaise is a French word for chair and Longue means long chair. Chaise longue, which is pronounced “the long,” is the literal translation of the French word meaning “long chair”.

A brief history about its origins.

Chaise longue was popularized in the 18th century and its purpose was to nap or lounging without the need to retire to the bedroom. It is a spacious chair with a lot of room for putting your legs on the sofa. It has a room for curling up your legs in the chaise longue, which serves as a comfortable chair for reading, napping, or lounging.

The chaise longue origins are not limited to France alone. During the excavation of ancient Egyptian civilization, archaeologists adhere to the findings of a long chair. They also found it in Ancient Greece, Roman Empire. So history proves that it is a boudoir chair which everyone loves.

It was only later in history that France popularized it. In France during the 1800s, chaise longue got a feminine connotation as the womenfolk used it more often for lounging. Instead of going to the bedroom, they would take a rest in the chaise longue and from the Rococo period, this became a symbol of social status and designed these pieces of furniture from the rarest and most expensive of materials.

One interesting thing to note is that they have misspelled the word Longue in America over the years. Longue is a French word, but it changed the word to lounge and hence Americans call it a lounge chair. They take the word lounge as correct and the pronunciation and spelling took over the original word over the years. This has become an accepted spelling. It sounds right as the word lounge serves the purpose for which they use the chair. And humans love to attach logic to whatever they do, so this word longue too got mixed with the word ‘lounge’ in America. 

Where do we keep this fine piece of chair?

The chaise longue is both used for outside and inside bedrooms as a stylish statement boudoir chair, which is for seating or as a place to sit and put up shoes on while getting ready.

What is the nature of the chaise longue?

You use it to lounge and relax or rejuvenate, therefore it is placed strategically in a room that has that relaxation vibe and so you will find it in the bedroom, sunroom, reading space or in the garden, and pool area. You can keep it anywhere in the room when one might relax.

Let’s look at some different chaise longue you may come across:-It comes in unique designs and types such as,

  • Méridinne – it is asymmetrical and with a backrest
  • Récamier- symmetrical with each end raised, giving room for both head and foot rest.
  • Duchess bresie- it comes in two or three broken parts.


The chaise longue or oversized chair has come a pretty long way and today, it has won the hearts of many people because it is a fine piece of furniture and it is making its mark on a lot of modern homes all over the world. Yes, it may not be your regular normal furniture requirement, but it is an exquisite piece to have if you want to give an aesthetic look to your room decor. If your master bedroom has the space, you may add a luxurious chaise lounge. It provides the perfect space for relaxation and rejuvenation for you. There are lots of designs that are available out there or you can customize your designs too. An oversized chair or chaise longue is the perfect piece of furniture you can have in your modern home, adding a touch of coziness to your room or you may use it outside the home, in the pool area, or garden area and enjoy lounging in it. It is the perfect chaise longue or chair lounge however you spell it, this is the ultimate chair to have in your space.

What do you call an Oversized Chair?

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