What is the Rarest Enchantment in Minecraft?

What is the Rarest Enchantment in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a video game developed by the Swedish developer Mojang Studios. The game is a sandbox video game and allows a player to indulge in a great deal of creativity to explore and create items using the resources that they acquire. It was fully released in 2011 by Markus “Notch” Persson in the Java Programming language. It now stands as the best-selling videogame of all time, having sold over 200 million copies, with over 140 million active users monthly, as of 2021. In the game, a player can explore blocky terrain that virtually extends infinitely. The player can extract raw materials like wood and iron to craft tools and build items and structures. A player shall also encounter computer-controlled mobs, some of which are friendly and some which can kill the in-game character. Read more about the Rarest Enchantment in Minecraft.

There are multiple rare enchantments in Minecraft, but to answer the question, “Frostwalker” is one of the rarest enchantments you can find in a Minecraft world. This enchantment cannot be obtained through an enchantment table and can only be found in chests or while fishing or trading. The enchantment comes under the category of a “Treasure Enchantment”. Statistically, “Infinity” and “Thorns” are pretty rare too. This article shall help you understand how enchantments work, the rarest enchantments, and how to obtain them.

Minecraft Enchantments

Minecraft allows you to enchant objects to enhance their abilities based on the enchantment. The most common enchantments would be sharpness (for swords), efficiency (for pickaxes), and so on. Generally, enchantments are acquired with the help of an enchantment table, which requires one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian blocks to create. Upon placing the enchantment table, players can enhance the powers of the enchantment table by placing 15 bookcases around the enchantment table. Once the enchantment table is ready, players can use the levels they have obtained and lapis lazuli to enchant various items. To store enchantments, a player can enchant books and store them in chests and use an anvil to enchant them onto an item of the player’s choice. 

Rarest Enchantment from an Enchantment Table

According to the latest statistics, the enchantment table’s rarest enchantments are Thorns and Infinity. Thorns can be applied to a chest plate and essentially deals damage to anything other player or mob that attacks you with a close-range attack. Infinity is an enchantment that can be applied to the bow. It provides an infinite supply of arrows to a player as long as the player has at least one arrow in their inventory. Both these enchantments are considered quite rare, even though most players have seen them quite often. 

Rarest Enchantment in the Whole Game

Frostwalker is arguably the rarest enchantment in the whole of Minecraft. The enchantment can be applied to boots, and it allows players to walk on water. The water that a player attempts to walk on instantly turns to ice, thus allowing the player to walk on water. 

One of the other contenders for the title of the rarest enchantment is “Soul Speed”. The enchantment can be applied to boots. This enchantment allows a player to travel very fast on soul sand, found in the nether. One of the reasons this could also be the rarest enchantment in the game is that it can only be found in the nether. 

Another extremely rare enchantment is “Channeling”. Players can apply this enchantment to tridents only. A trident with the Channeling enchantment can be thrown at a spot during a thunderstorm, and lightning instantly strikes that spot. It remains in contention to be one of the rarest also since it is enjoyable to use.

One of the more famous enchantments, yet still rare, is “Sweeping Edge”. This enchantment can only be applied to a sword. It provides swords with a longer arc of attack, thus damaging multiple opponents or mobs clogged in a close range. 

For the longest time, “Mending” used to be known as the rarest enchantment on the game. It also happens to be a very useful enchantment as the item to which it is applied can be mended by using experience (XP). It is found in both an enchanting table, in drops and chests. 


There are multiple enchantments in Minecraft that are very rare to obtain. The enchantments mentioned in this article are all statistically quite rare. The rarity of enchantments can only be determined through statistics because there is no skill that a person can possess to get better enchantments. A player can only enhance their chances of obtaining better-leveled enchantments by placing bookcases around their enchantment table. Exploring the world and the nether is another way to get these rare enchantments. They may be found in nether fortresses, ocean monuments, or desert castles. A player can map the world that they have explored to organize how they can find the rarest enchantments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which company is the game developer of Minecraft?

Mojang Studios have been developing the game since 2011 and has released multiple updates ever since. 

  1. What is arguably the rarest enchantment to obtain in a Minecraft world, as of 2021 and what item can it be applied to?

As of 2021, “Frostwalker” is statistically the rarest enchantment that a player can obtain from a Minecraft world and it can be applied to boots to be able to walk on water. 

  1. Can the “Soul Speed” enchantment be obtained from an enchantment table?

No, the Soul Speed enchantment can only be obtained in the nether realm and can be used to run much faster than normal on soul sand.

  1. What is the Channeling enchantment?

The Channeling enchantment can be applied to a trident. During a thunderstorm, a player can throw a Channeling enchanted trident at a spot, and lighting strikes that location, dealing a huge amount of damage.  

What is the Rarest Enchantment in Minecraft?

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