What do you Call Someone Who fixes Air Conditioners?

What do you Call Someone Who fixes Air Conditioners

Today is a world of specificity. It leads to a vast range of categorization of a single subject or profession based on intricacies and specificities it carries. If we take the example of a doctor, there are a plethora of specializations for each part and organ of the body. Know about what do you Call Someone Who fixes Air Conditioners.

Likewise, if we take the field of repair, there’s a technician involved for different appliances.

Air Conditioning (ac) repair contractor

A person who fixes air conditioners is generally called an AC Repair Contractor. While a person who fixes faulty heating systems is called a Heating Repair Contractor. 

The term AC Repair Contractor is vague as fixing Ac doesn’t involve fitting and repairing alone. There can be electrical, heating as well as ventilation problems too. If we call an electrician for a fix, he solves only electrical problems, but couldn’t fix the mechanical problems due to a lack of knowledge in that field.

So, the question is who carries out all the problems of an Air Conditioner Services and Maintenance?


HVAC applies for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. 

  • An HVAC technician installs an AC, maintains and repairs its heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration systems. 
  • They help to check the air quality as well as temperature in establishments.
  • An HVAC Technician’s job involves the installation of AC to its completion, working on heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration units.
  • HVAC involves both ventilation and refrigeration in addition to heating and cooling.
  • HVAC/R is an alternative to HVAC.

Qualifications of an HVAC Technician

  • A specific certificate related to the field- HVAC Certificate
  • A Diploma or degree highlights the credentials, so an advantage.
  • A license to work as an HVAC Technician.

Types of Air conditioners

There are two types of ACs-

  • WINDOW UNITS- These are used in single rooms. They have lower investment costs and are much easier to install and maintain. Perfect for houses with small rooms. In window air conditioners, all parts like AC compressors are merged into a compact unit, that’s why they fit best in vertical space. They save a sufficient amount of space and energy, thus provides effective cooling of single rooms. 
  • Central AC- They are designed to cool the entire house. In this, air is first cooled at a middle (central) location and is dispersed to and from different rooms by the aid of ductwork and fans. It does so with the help of AC compression by compressing the refrigerant gas, thus expelling heat out of the house and cooling the air generated inside. 

Cost of AC Service

Regular AC maintenance charges range between $75 to $200 for adjustments. Extended services maintenance charges range between $150 to $500, which includes both heating and cooling, i.e., the entire HVAC system. For maintenance outside the standard services, the maintenance charges lie between $50 to $150/ hour for an HVAC Repair Contractor. 

The average cost for AC repair or cooling fixation lies between $50 to $140. 

The maintenance charges depend upon the type of service one opts for, whether maintenance, cooling, or a simple cleaning service.  

List of some HVAC contractors in the USA

  1. Hill-Air Heating and Air Conditioning

Cincinnati, Ohio 45241, United States

  1. All-Pro Air

Riverside, California, United States

  1. Villa’s Construction and Remodelling Inc.

6401 E Rogers Circle Suite 3, Boca Raton, Florida 33487, United States

  1. Bob’s Heating and Air Conditioning

14148 NE 190th St, Woodinville, Washington 98072, United States

  1. Wilsons Brothers

35 Lomar Park Drive, Pepperell, Massachusetts 01463, United States

  1. California Air Conditioning system, Inc.

25217 Narbonne Ave, Lomita, California 90717, United States

For details, visit the link-


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much does a split air conditioner installment costs?

The installment cost of a mini-split air conditioner averages $2,500. The maximum average cost for installation is $5,000. And the minimum average cost for installment is $500. 

  1. Does an HVAC technician also install an AC?

It involves services from different specializations. For example, Technicians for Ducted Air Conditioning Instalments. Licensed and qualified plumbers for fitting and installment of piping and ducting. Licensed and qualified electricians who install the control panels and wirings of the system installed. 

  1. How can you become an Air Conditioning Technician?

First, earn a high school diploma to kickstart your career. Next, receive an HVAC certification from an accredited trade school depending upon the state you live in. Obtain your HVAC License from the state or country you’re planning to work. Then pass exams related to different kinds of HVAC careers. 

  1. Does an HVAC Technician perform all services?

An HVAC Technician installs and maintains Air Conditioner, regulates heating, ventilation, and cooling systems. Some technicians concentrate only on one system, while others can maintain and regulate the entire HVAC system, thus offering a broad range of services and maintenance.  

  1. Does an HVAC Technician own or gain some skills regarding their profession?

There are various HVAC Technician skills which an employer looks for as a key criterion for assessing the knowledge of the technician-

  • Sales skills
  • Natural Customer Service skills
  • Safety standards and protocols of HVAC methods
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Troubleshooting skills
  • Willing to update knowledge of recent HVAC Technology
What do you Call Someone Who fixes Air Conditioners?

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