How much does it cost to repair an Xbox one?

How much does it cost to repair an Xbox one?

This article deals with various issues and faults encountered in Xbox one and possible ways to repair an Xbox one. On a general note, you can improve your Xbox one by contacting the Microsoft support team. The cost to repair the Xbox one is between 179 to 249 U.S.D. Read more to know How much does it cost to repair an Xbox one?

Xbox one

Xbox one is an eighth-generation video game console launched in 2013. It is third in line after the Xbox original and Xbox 360. In addition, Xbox One has a larger body to tackle the overheating problem faced by its predecessor Xbox 360.

How much does it cost to repair an Xbox one?

If your Xbox warranty card is expired, the Xbox team won’t cover your repair charge for free. Xbox repair charges vary across the world. For example, the standard repair price of Xbox one S in the United States is 179.00 USD, and of Xbox one X is 249.00 USD. 

Xbox free repair service

The Xbox technical team offers free repair service of your Xbox one if your warranty card is still valid and not expired. The free-of-cost repair service also depends on the place you purchased your Xbox, warranty card, and service plans included in it. Your Xbox must be registered in Microsoft for the warranty card to be eligible.

Most common Xbox one problems

  • Grinding sound from the disc drive
  • Trouble in updating
  • Syncing issues in the controller
  • Games not installing
  • Audio not working
  • T.V. Resolution problems

Xbox games are not installed.

Xbox one has many reported problems of users facing issues like freezing and crashing while installing. In this case, the problem is situated in your optical drive. So, the first check of the game chip or disc is in good condition without any damage.

Restart the device, check for updates, and look out for stable connectivity.

Xbox one trouble in updating

Xbox one had reported issues while updating. So, you may be stuck in the middle of updating or not able to complete the updates. If you are struggling with this issue, the root cause of the problem is mostly connectivity issues. So, make sure to check your connection.

If the wireless connection isn’t working out, try out a wired connection.

Another reason could be heavy traffic. Many users like you are updating at the same time leaving poor server problems. You cannot rectify this error. So, try after some time. 

However, you can try to cycle your Xbox one. Hold the power button till it shuts down. Follow up by unplugging the system. Wait for some time and turn on the Xbox. This works if the problem is based on the memory card and excessive cache.

Xbox one audio is not working.

Xbox one audio not working correctly could be because of many common issues. First, check if the HDMI cable is perfectly fixed to the device. Then, go to Settings> Display & Sound>HDMI or Optical. Now, select the appropriate audio of your choice. If you don’t have any specific preference, choose ‘Stereo Uncompressed.’ This will resolve the problem.

Xbox one Syncing issues in the controller

Are you having trouble syncing your device with the controller? Restarting your console will rectify the issue. If it doesn’t,

  • Check the batteries
  • Update the controller to the latest
  • Be within the coverage range of the Kinect.

Xbox one T.V. resolution problems

If you have a problem with your Xbox displaying standard resolution on the Television. Go to Menu> Display & Sound> TV resolution. Now, choose the appropriate setting.

If it doesn’t work out, try changing the T.V. resolution settings. If the problem persists, try changing the HDMI cable.

Xbox one drive grinding sound 

Xbox one console making a grinding sound when you insert a disc in the drive is one issue faced in Xbox one. You will be surprised to see that nothing terrible happened to your disc other than this annoying grinding sound. This sound is accompanied by a pop message saying, “sorry, we can’t play the disc” on your screen. However, this problem is found only in Xbox one. 

This problem has one solution only. You have to change the hardware. Thankfully, Microsoft gives a free replacement of the hardware concerning this problem. It is an inbuilt fault found only in Xbox one.No worries, contact the Microsoft support team immediately and inform them about your issue.

How do I fix my Xbox one that won’t turn on?

Sometimes, the Xbox may unexpectedly turn off and won’t turn on. This is due to inadequate ventilation and power supply.

  1. If your Xbox one console is hot, keep it still in isolation. Use it after a minimum of one hour.
  2. Check your power supply directly from the wall outlet. Do not use extension cords.
  3. Change your console settings to that of “Don’t turn off automatically.” In your Xbox controller panel, go to Profile & system> Settings>General>Power>Mode Startup. Now, go to Options and select Don’t turn off immediately.
  4. If any of the above isn’t working out, try resetting the system to check for corruption.


To sum up, Xbox one is being reported with several issues like grinding sound, low resolution, poor audio, updates, installation, etc. However, these problems come with a quick solution. Try out the tricks mentioned to get rid of any issues you face with the Xbox one. If the issue continues, make sure to contact the Microsoft support team.


1. Can you repair your Xbox one for free?

Yes, you can repair your Xbox one for free if you have the warranty card.

2. When was the Xbox 2 launched?

The Xbox one was launched in 2013. It is an eighth-generation gaming console.

3. How much does it cost to repair an Xbox one?

The repairing costs of the Xbox one are between 179.00 USD 249.00 USD.

How much does it cost to repair an Xbox one?

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