What does a SWEATY mean in gaming?

what does a SWEATY mean in gaming?


With the gaming industry evolving every passing day, we encounter new gaming slang more frequently than ever. Some of those are easy to understand like those related to gaming terms like BOT and NPC. However, some slangs are more inclined towards pop culture references like SWEAT Game or SWEATY Gamer. This SWEAT slang is now a popular term among gamers. But what does a SWEATY mean in gaming?

Sweaty Definition:

SWEATY commonly means trying hard. A person who puts an excessive amount of effort to win a game even when it’s not required is a Sweaty gamer. Likewise, the game is a Sweat game.

The sweat slang often has been misunderstood for giving a tough competition. However, a person investing much more than required in a game is precisely a Sweat. This slang is circulating as a meme, and now it has been used by many popular streamers.

Knowing the Sweaty term:

While playing a Fortnite: Battle Royale match, we often encounter players who build complex structures and rushes us with weird yet fast combinations of double ramps, pyramid, and wall edits, or sometimes just trap us inside a cube of four damage traps. This is exactly what a sweat game would look like.

Nowadays the slang ‘SWEAT’ has been used largely by Fortnite streamers to refer to the player with complex strategies to take down an opponent, which otherwise required fewer efforts. This type of gamer tries too hard to show down their skills in fights against casual or noob players who can barely build an easy structure. These players don’t care about anything else, but to be superior among the weak players.

A sweaty gamer might be an above-average player but can fail when the time demands to aim and take a competent shot. They can dominate one part of the game but fail to get high up in the ranks of Fortnite.

Some popular Fortnite streamers like Diego Palma – ‘Arkhram’ and Brodie Franks – ‘Rehx’ may also put a little extra effort to win the match. However, those efforts are a necessity and not a show-off. These skills are required to eliminate the opponent as they are dealing with professional’s players.
They understand the importance of saving the material for future fights and restrict themselves from spending more material on the less worthy opponent.

About the Sweaty slang:

  1. History: –

The original use of the term commenced back in 2014 by the FIFA community of EA sports. The term used as ‘Sweaty goal’ originated to describe a player who scores easy goals by abusing the game’s mechanics. After that incident, one user added the definition of ‘sweaty goal’ has been circulated.

  1. Online Presence: –

On Redditt, the term also appears within the FIFA subs, where one Redditor posted a question asking about the definition of the term ‘Sweaty’ in December 2014. Many users responded to the post and commented on the definition, one Redditor concluded that Sweaty is a term for people who are trying hard to win.

  1. Gone Viral: –

The first video with the title “Are you a SWEATY Fortnite Player?” was uploaded by YouTube channel Chaos in October 2018. The video was a discussion of that term and a test that challenges to check whether or not someone qualified to be called as a ‘SWEATY’ within the Fortnite game.

This video has over 1 million views, and 3k likes. This ultimately goes viral, afterwards, the ‘SWEATY’ term has been commonly used among netizens both on YouTube and on Reddit.


With all this knowledge in your hand, you can now distinguish between a SWEATY gamer and a casual gamer. And if you are the one who tries hard to win against the less worthy opponent then you know what others would be calling you.

Now you clearly understand the meme that has been circulated over Redditt and can relate to the YouTube reference to the term sweat game. And I hope you can use this slang wisely, as this can create a big difference between being a noob and a pro-level gamer.
If you like playing Fortnite too seriously, just remember the quote “You have no sweat insurance”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does sweaty gamer mean having a sweaty palm while playing? 
  • Not necessarily, a sweaty gamer is more inclined towards the seriousness and focus level of a gamer and not to the amount of sweat one’s palm secrete.
  1. Does Sweat vary from noob to pro gamer?
  • Yes, a noob would sweat (have to put much more effort to get a kill or a win), whereas a pro gamer would not sweat (does not struggle to get a clear shot).
  1. Sweaty game refers to which multiplayer game?
  • Since its inception it has been from FIFA, but the internet community has a large player base of Fortnite. After going viral, a sweaty game is much more relatable to a Fortnite: Battle Royale match.
What does a SWEATY mean in gaming?

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