Why did Rosewood get canceled?

Why did Rosewood get canceled

If you are a fan of Morris Chestnut, then you must probably be familiar with Rosewood. The Fox procedural drama ran for two seasons from September 23, 2015, to April 28, 2017. The show focused on Dr. Beaumont Darius Rosewood, Jr., played by Morris as a pathologist in Miami who assists detectives in solving complex crimes. Unfortunately, though the show set well with the fans of Morris Chestnut, it failed to make an impression on the critics. Read more Why did Rosewood get canceled?

So what exactly went wrong, and why it got canceled? Well, continue reading down below to find out why.

Why did Rosewood get canceled? 

Even though the fans loved the premiere of Season Two, it got canceled due to a poor rating. When the show aired on Fox, 7.5 million people saw the premiere episode. However, by the end of Season One, the number came down to 3.5 million. Season two started even a lever down than the ending of Season One. Only 2.9 million viewers watched the finale of Season Two. Even the fans of the show and Morris Chestnut couldn’t save the show. Due to bad ratings, the show’s slot was changed many times, moving from Wednesdays to Fridays.

Poor rating

This is one of the reasons why shows like Rosewoods don’t get picked up for another season. Even though the IMDB rating of the show is 6.7/10, it failed to impress the audience, the critics, and of course the Fox.

Failed to make an impression

Yes, people love detectives, and yes, we know they solve cases so quickly. However, when it is too easy, people tend to get bored. The same thing happened to Fox’s Rosewood. The show failed to make an impression on the audience. Because the protagonist is brilliant at everything he does, it becomes less relatable and more showoff that did not sit well with the fans of the genre.

Is Dr. Rosewood sick in the show?

Yes, Dr. Rosewood has a heart condition called congenital heart defect and a bleeding brain and calcifying eardrums that would make him deaf. The cause of it is he was a premature baby and was delivered within six months. Despite taking the medication regularly, Dr. Rosewood has to deal with various side effects of the medicine.

What are some other shows based on the same theme as Rosewood?

If you like Rosewood, these three shows would undoubtedly make you fall in love with the genre of detectives, procedural dramas.

Brooklyn nine-nine

Even though the show has ended in September 2021, the show is hilarious, solves the crime, and talks about the real issues without being too dramatic. The hilarious detective drama follows the story of Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg and detective of 99th precinct day to day lives solving cases in New York City. The show became instantly popular due to its silly, creative one-liners and funny Plotline. 

Law and Order

Over the 20th Season, this American Police Procedural and legal drama by BC became a hit with fans of the genre. The show is based in New York City and has two aspects of it. The first half of the episode focuses on catching the bad guy and solving crimes. The second half of the episode showcases the prosecution, defense, and justice system.

Criminal Minds

With 15 seasons in its name, the famous police procedural crime drama followed criminal profilers working for the FBI tackling various crimes and personal lives. The show mainly focused on seven characters and their lives as criminal profilers. The show received appreciation not just from the audience but from critics as well. 

What are some shows that were canceled due to low ratings?

Some famous shows such as Orange Is the New Black, American Vandal, Blue Mountain State, Homeland, Police Squad!, Brooklyn nine-nine, X-Men: The Animated Series have the highest rating when they first aired on the channels. However, whatever you call it, repetitiveness, non-relatable content, the shows got canceled after running for a while. 


Indeed, people became instantly attached to Rosewood because it featured Morris Chestnut, and also the show in the first episode looked promising. But as the show ran for season 1, the rating started to drop, and eventually, it got canceled. If you appreciate the actor’s work, then one can watch other works of his that are available on the internet. The show Rosewood is always available on Hulu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many episodes does Rosewood have?

  • 39 episodes.

Q. Where can I watch Rosewood online?

  • You can watch Rosewood on Fox and Hulu tv.

Q. Does Netflix or Amazon Prime have rosewood seasons?

  • No, recently, Netflixes has parted ways with the Fox channel and won’t feature their shows. Amazon Prime also doesn’t have the show.

Q. Who is the partner of Dr. Rosewood in the show?

  • Det. Annalise Villa is the partner of Dr. Rosewood and helps him solve cases.
Why did Rosewood get canceled?

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