How do I Register my Mylowes Card?

You must be familiar with the cool benefits that Mylowes card holders enjoy, and I guess that’s why you landed on this article.

I know what your query must be about: “how can I register for my Mylowes card?” For which you’ll need to have a Mylowes account. And all the important details about creating and handling your Mylowes card and account are mentioned in this article.

Mylowes card

It’s a free card from Mylowes for its customers. If the customers use the card, they can view their purchase history online on their Mylowes account. For every purchase made at Mylowes, be it online or in-store.

The Mylowes card is similar to the reward card that we get at department stores or supermarkets. Sometimes people misunderstand it with Mylowe’s credit card, which it’s not.

How to get a Mylowes card?

To get a new Mylowes card first, log in to your Mylowes account, then choose the manage profile option. Click edit on the mylowes card option. Then select between getting a new card and getting a replacement card.

You can get the Mylowes card from the nearest Mylowes store, or it will be emailed to you based on your convenience and choice.

To get the card mailed to you, you need to register online and ask to mail the card to you.

Or you can request your Mylowes card from your nearest Mylowes store and you will get it either from the customer service desk or by asking the sales associate.

How to register a Mylowes card?

It’s simple and takes very little time. First, visit the Mylowes website at and register for your account.

To register for a Mylowes card, you have to provide only three things i.e., your name, email, and mobile number.

All the Mylowes cards are activated as they are issued. But to use the Mylowes card one must have a Mylowes account and register the card there. Only after registering the card, the cardholder will be able to enjoy its benefits.

How to use the card?

For the in-store purchases the card is required (you can scan the card at Mylowes stores) or the person can use the mobile number used to make the Mylowes account.

Online, you can check your transaction and buying history, the name of the things that you purchased, and the date of purchase.

Benefits of the Mylowes card

Mylowes is able to attract people to use its cards because it offers many benefits to the Mylowes cardholders. And additionally, the card is free, so who would like to leave such an opportunity?

Following are the benefits from a Mylowes card:

• Freedom to see all the transaction history including online and in-store purchases from Mylowes.

• That means you can have access to your purchase and account information 24*7.

•And if you are a current or discharged member of the U.S. armed forces, then, Mylowes provides you with a 10% discount on personal purchases.

• Ease of tracking all the purchases in one place.

• You can create lists using your Mylowes card and get reminders for buying your selected items.

• One can keep track of the things they selected in their lists.

To reset the Mylowes card password.

By any chance, if your Mylowes card gets misplaced or got stolen or even you forget the password, then you don’t need to panic. In case any of the above things happen, you can visit the Mylowes website and then click on ‘forgot my password. Follow the instructions and link sent to you through the email mylowes sent to you.

Alternatively, you can also seek help by calling Mylowes at 1-800-445-6937.


Now that you know about the benefits of a Mylowes card and how you register it to your account. This article will make it easy for you to find your answers. Use all the benefits offered by the Mylowes card and free yourself from the tension of handling all the previous and new receipts. Along with the benefits, there are other handling tips too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: How do I change my Mylowes card password?

Go to your Mylowes account and click on forgot my password, then they will email you with all instructions regarding your problem.

Q.2: Are Mylowes card and Mylowes credit card both the same?

No, a Mylowes card is different, and it has different uses.

Q.3: Where can I find my previous purchases?

If your Mylowes card is registered with your account, then all your purchase history will reflect in your account.

Q.4: Where can you use your Mylowes card?

You can use a Mylowes card at Mylowes stores.

Q.5: Does Mylowes provide a discount to military members?

Yes, there’s a 10% discount for the members of the U.S. force (on personal purchases).

How do I Register my Mylowes Card?

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