Does Walmart make Wedding Cakes?

Does Walmart make Wedding Cakes

Walmart offers customized and ready-made cakes at reasonable prices. Along with wedding cakes, it also offers wedding rings, party essentials, reception décor to make the wedding day memorable and special. Read more Does Walmart make Wedding Cakes

The Walmart Bakery bakes and prepares wedding cakes as per the client’s needs and specificities. They offer round, tiered, sheet cakes, or cupcakes.

What is Walmart Inc.?

Walmart Inc. is an American merchandise organization that operates a chain of supercenters, grocery shops, and department stores from the United States. Its headquarters are in Bentonville, Arkansas. Sam Walton was the founder of Walmart Inc. 

According to Fortune, Walmart is the largest organization by revenue globally. Its revenue is the U.S. $548.743 Billion.

Walmart wedding cakes options

Walmart offers the following shapes for weddings-

  • Round cakes
  • Tiered cakes
  • Sheet cakes
  • Character cakes
  • Cupcakes

Two-tiered round cakes are for 64 guests’ servings.

Three-tiered round cakes are for 134 guests’ servings.

Full sheet cakes are for 96 guests’ servings.

Flavor options for Walmart wedding cakes

Walmart offers its clients a variety of options regarding different colors and flavors. 

  • Walmart cakes are typically white cakes or chocolate cakes. Cupcakes are also available as white or chocolate. 
  • Some local stores of Walmart also provide yellow cake, marble cake, or rainbow blasts. 

Available filling flavors for the layered cakes are-

  • Lemon
  • Strawberry
  • Caramel
  • Pineapple
  • Raspberry
  • Bavarian cream

Walmart wedding cakes frosting

Walmart wedding cake frostings are either buttercream or whipped icing.

Color options in the frosting are-

  • Pink- two shades
  • Blue- two shades
  • White
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Teal
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Chocolate

Wedding cakes are available at Walmart with the price range

The price of wedding cakes depends upon the client’s order. In general, a two-tiered wedding cake costs around $60. And a three-tiered wedding cake costs around $160. 

  1. Diamonds and roses themed kit two-tier cake- $68-$71
  2. Diamonds and roses themed kit three-tier cake- $160-$163
  3. Delicate laced themed kit two-tier cake- $68-$71
  4. Delicate laced themed kit three-tier cake- $160-$163
  5. Easy, breezy bride themed kit sheet cake- $23.98-$58.98
  6. Easy. Breezy bride themed kit round cake- $14.98-$37.98
  7. Elegance themed kit two-tier cake- $68-$71
  8. Elegance themed kit three-tier cake- $160-$163
  9. Fancy with pearl themed kit two-tier cake- $68-$71
  10. Fancy with pearl themed kit three-tier cake- $160-$163
  11. Floral elegance themed kit two-tier cake- $68-$71
  12. Floral elegance themed kit three-tier cake- $160-$163
  13. Romantic rosettes themed kit two-tier cake- $68-$71
  14. Romantic rosettes themed kit three-tier cake- $160-$163
  15. Swept away themed kit two-tier cake- $68-$71
  16. Swept away themed kit three-tier cake- $160-$163

Time for the placement of order

The timing of placement depends upon the size of the cake. If your cake is large and tiered, order 8 days or more in advance. Cakes for birthdays or graduation parties can be ordered at least a day in advance.

How to order at Walmart?

  • The client can place the order locally in-store at Walmart’s bakery section.
  • The wedding cake can be ordered online at their website-
  • Cakes are both ready-made or customized as per the client’s need.
  • Walmart offers a cake book or cake brochures to access all the options with sizes, shapes, and flavors. 
  • To access the options online, Walmart provides a special occasion cake book.

Procedure for Placing an order

When a client reaches the bakery, the owner places the order taking into account the client’s specifications. 

  1. Choose the number of servings- 12,24,48, or 96.
  2. Choose the flavor- its type and color.
  3. You can add a filling in between the layers with an extra $5.
  4. Select frosting type and color.
  5. Select the piping border and its color from seven different styles for the top of the cake.
  6. Select the bottom border.
  7. Add piped flowers as per need.
  8. Add a message at the top if required.
  9. Add a special note for the baker if required.

How Walmart wedding cakes are great?

  • They are the most affordable and popular cakes at reasonable prices.
  • Cakes are well-moist with good taste. They provide nice flavors and fillings which are popular options among wedding guests.
  • Walmart bakery produces the traditional designs- simple white cakes with minimal decorations. 
  • Takes less time. The client can place the wedding custom cake order a week in advance. However, custom cakes for other events like birthdays can be placed a day in advance.

Walmart offers a variety of wedding cakes with different sizes, shapes, flavors to choose from. Walmart offers wedding cakes from all its stores as well as online too. However, some Walmart stores don’t offer custom cakes requests. Walmart is popular for its traditional style wedding cakes that too at reasonable prices and in less time. Walmart’s wedding essentials like wedding rings with ring resizing and engraving services makes it a one-stop for couples. Walmart wedding cakes are a perfect choice for couples who love simple cakes laced with perfection and royalty to make their day memorable and sweet. 

Does Walmart make Wedding Cakes?

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