What does Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

What does Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

Walmart is one of the largest companies in terms of revenue generation. The company offers services in different forms like superstores, restaurants, apparel stores, drug stores, and convenience stores to name a few. It has a big base of consumers all across the globe. With its huge consumers comes the responsibility of providing consumer satisfaction. Read more What does Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

What is a Product Protection Plan?

If you want to rest assured about the electrical, mechanical, or accidental damage to your goods then one takes the Protection Plan. It offers a plan that covers your purchases from accidental damages and any kind of manufacturer’s failures. Protection plans are generally available for nominal charges when you buy the product.

Walmart Protection Plan

Walmart has partnered with the insurance company Allstate Corporation to provide their customers with Walmart Protection Plan. When you buy a product from Walmart its protection plan can be bought along with it during check out. There is a broad range of items on which Walmart provides its customer a protection plan.  While buying a protection plan or claiming the protection, damages that are covered under that plan are to be considered. Following are the goods that are covered under the Walmart protection plan. Read more What does Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

TVs, Laptops, Mobile phones, and Tablets

  • The plan covers the mechanical and electrical damage by the manufacturer or due to regular usage.
  • Laptops, mobiles phones, and tablets are protected against mechanical and electrical damage. Accidental damage such as spills drops, touch screen failure, liquid drop, charging port, cracked screen, and battery damage, etc.
  • In the condition of operational failure, overheating of the device, internal humidity, etc.
  • Intentional damage, Lost and thefts are not covered under the protection plan for any of the products bought.

Outdoor power equipment and patio

Mechanical and electrical failures that occur due to normal use are covered under it like power supply failure and motor failure etc.

Jewelry and Watches

  • The protection plan of jewelry covers the product if it is broken or if there is a defect in materials that are used in its manufacturing.
  • For watches also the protection plan covers the product if the product is broken or the parts are defective, or if it breaks from normal usage, liquid damage or there is mechanical failure.

Furniture and Rugs

  • The Protection Plans is for furniture and rugs bought for personal use, home, or small office spaces.
  • For furniture, the protection plan has to be offered and availed at the time of purchase.
  • It offers protection against a wide range of defects and also covers the damage due to regular use such as separation of joints, frame defects, cases and seat construction, broken hinges, etc. It also covers some of the accidental damage such as rips and tears or stains on the first occurrence to name a few.


  • The plan covers both the mattress and mattress protectors obtained while making a purchase. 
  • The mattress should be brought for personal use. 
  • Mattress protectors are provided with mattresses on availing the mattress protection plan.

Optical plans

Material and manufacturing defects are covered under the plan. If the plan includes accidental damage coverage then it will include damage from drops and scratched lenses as well.

General Merchandise

For general merchandise, accidental and intentional damages are not covered under the protection plan. Things that are covered are mechanical and electrical failures, normal wear and tear, power supply failures, and if the machines do not power on.

What is not covered under the Protection Plan?

If there is any damage before taking the protection plan it will not be covered. Any kind of intentional damage and the damage caused due to repetitive mishandling. No proper maintenance of the purchased goods. Damage caused by exposing products to extreme weather conditions and not using the products as suggested by the manufacturer.

 Things to remember while filing a claim for Protection Plan.

  • The claim can be done online. 
  • It is important to have the receipt with you and the product to be repaired or replaced. 
  • Purchasing right kind of protection plan.

Transfer/ Cancellation of Protection Plan

Transferring of Protection plan is possible with no extra cost and there is also an option of canceling the plan. On cancellation full refund is made in case the cancellation is done in the first 30 days of buying it otherwise refund is made based on the time remaining on the plan.


Walmart provides a Product Protection Plan on a wide range of goods and it is easy to avail and claim. On purchasing a product it might come with a manufacturer’s warranty period too so keep that also in mind and the Product Protection Plan can very well be placed after the warranty period but the things covered under both vary slightly.

What does Walmart Protection Plan Cover?

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