Home Depot Home Improver Card

The home depot sells various home remodeling, servicing, and construction tools across the U.S. Home depot also acknowledge the need for buying home renovation items or other heavy products, but paying the complete amount at a time is not possible for every customer, and in those cases, the home depot credit cards can be a savior. Read about Home Depot Home Improver Card.

For personal usage, the home depot home credit card offers an extended payment window of 6-months. But this is not enough information about the home depot card. To find more about its benefits, usage, and other details, keep reading the coming sections.

Home depot home improver card

It is an exclusive consumer card for home depot customers (same as other store cards). With the help of home depot, improver card customers can pay for the items they want to buy from it and earn discounts and rewards without impacting their credit scores. If customers buy items above $299, then they can pay the amount within 6 months without any interest on the amount.

Advantages of using a home depot home improver card

The home depot home improver card offers various benefits on different purchases.

When a customer pays $299 for a service, then it gives $25 off, and on payments worth $300-999 there is $50 off, and for payments worth $1000 or more there is $100 off.

The product return period is also extended. The home depot improver cardholders can return products within 1 year.

Customers can pay the purchase amount within 6-months if the purchase amount exceeds $299. Also, the home depot home card offers different interests.

Applying for a home depot home improver card

Before applying for it, one must have a credit check, it decides if the candidate is eligible or not. Along with the credit check, customers have to pass the terms and conditions listed on the home depot website.

If the customers pass those criteria, then they can apply for a home depot card.

Instructions to activate the home depot card.

Here are the steps to activate the home depot card. By following these steps customers can easily activate the home depot card.

Visit the home depot website and then enter the home depot home improver card’s number and also the last four digits of your social security number.

Enter your date of birth it’ll be used as proof of your identity.

Customers can also take the help of home depot customer service by calling at 1-888-413-1083.


Cardholders can manage and track their home depot card by logging in to the home depot website. Customers can also pay the bills and receive many offers of paying via the home depot card.

Does the home depot improver card provide extended financing?

Yes, customers can extend the financing on some purchases using the home depot card.

However, offers can also change, and customers can check their validity period and other updated information on the home depot website.

Information about balance in the home depot home card.

Customers can also check the balance on their home depot card. Customers can apply for the home depot card using two ways; online or by visiting the nearest store.

To check the balance online, customers can call the customer service number of the home depot at 1-877-476-3860, and the customer service representative will inform them about the remaining balance on the home depot card.

Or, one can collect more information about home depot card balance and service on its website.

In case the customer wants to find the balance by visiting the nearby store, then they can also do that. One must visit the customer service desk and ask the person there, he/she will show them the balance in their home depot card.

How are home depot cards different from other credit cards?

Although the home depot card is similar to other credit cards, home depot is limited to making payments at home depot only. That’s why there are restrictions on using the home depot credit card outside the home depot stores.

Other cards on home depot.

There is a home depot Project loan card, it allows customers to lend money for home projects. With the help of the home depot project loan card, customers can lend money up to $55,000. The APR for this card is 7.99% for the first seven years. This card is more suitable for larger home projects as they need more financing. Home Depot also offers two business or commercial credit cards.


The home depot improver cards are exclusive for home depot customers, and they can extend the payment window for their home projects. Customers can apply for the home depoter card online or in-store and find answers to their queries related to the home depot by calling its customer service department.

If the customer wants to get a high credit limit then, the home depot project loan card is more suitable for them (it offers a $55,000 lending limit).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: Where can I use the home depot improver card?

Customers can use the home depot card at the home depot store, its website, and its store.

Q.2: What is the customer service number to know details about the home depot improver card?

Customers can call and inquire about the home depot improver card by calling at 1-877-476-3860.

Q.3: How much annual fees do home depot charge for its improver card?

The home Depot charges no fees for home depot home improver cards.

Home Depot Home Improver Card

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