Aldi Pickup

Aldi Pickup

Aldi, the Germany-based family business, aims to become the third-largest supermarket chain in the U.S. by the end of 2022. It’s well-known for its low-price, high-quality store brands, and because of its unique business model, Aldi succeeded in expanding itself from 1 store in 1976 to now more than 2000 stores. Read more about Aldi Pickup.

Now when almost everyone places their grocery order online, since they do not have enough time to go and shop manually, the major stores are focusing on building strong online platforms for customers. Aldi has also entered the e-commerce space to provide the convenience of shopping for its customers.

Aldi customers can place online orders through instacart or by visiting the Aldi website and choosing between delivery or curbside pickup.

Let’s look at the process in detail.

How to place the grocery order online on Aldi?

Aldi uses instacart as its online delivery partner, so its customers place an order on instacart by selecting the Aldi store location near them (by entering their zip code). If you are new to instacart then first, you have to set up your instacart account and password. After setting up your account, select the items you want to buy from the Aldi store.

After paying for the groceries, an instacart shopper starts shopping for the customer as instructed. Then the customer gets the notification of their grocery if it is ready.

Curbside pickup at Aldi.

Aldi curbside pickup facility is available at more than 700 locations in the U.S. and customers can check if Aldi curbside pickup is available in their area or not. If it is available in their area, then customers can place their grocery orders online through instacart as mentioned above, and then an instacart shopper will shop for them.

After the shopper shops the groceries and is ready for pickup, the customer gets the notification on their device about the same. Customers can notify Aldi when they are available for pickup. Till then, Aldi keeps the groceries in a temperature-controlled environment.

Customers go to the blue curbside pickup locations in their area and message Aldi about it. Customers do not have to wait long for the instacart shoppers to give them their groceries.

Groceries are packed in Aldi bags, customers do not have to worry about carrying a separate bag to pick up their groceries. Aldi may charge some additional cents for providing the bags.

Aldi curbside locations

Aldi curbside locations are blue-colored curbside spaces, customers can drive to these curbside locations and follow the instructions, then the Aldi employees bring the customer’s order near their cars.

The cost of placing ‘curbside pickup’ orders

An additional curbside pickup fee is charged for customers placing a curbside order. For orders above $35, the fee is $1.99 while, if you are placing your first order on instacart then the curbside pickup fee will be neglected (no charge). However, if your grocery order is less than $35, then the curbside pickup fees will be $3.99.

There is another alternative to save the cost of curbside pickup, you can take an instacart membership worth $99 per year or $9.99 per month. The instacart membership provides extra perks to its members.

Is there any difference between in-store prices and online prices?

Yes, there will be slight changes between the in-store and online prices of items. The online price of items can vary depending on special instructions, any difference in weight of the item, availability in-store, etc. Usually, the online prices are slightly higher than the in-store price of items.

How long does Aldi take to prepare my order?

Depending on the size (weight, amount, etc.) of one order, the time required for shopping can differ. Usually, Instacart shoppers prepare orders within two-three hours of placing it.

Customers can check the status of their order online through their instacart account. Also, instacart will message you whenever the order is ready for pickup.

What if some of my items are not available in the store?

When any specific item is not available for delivery, then the customer gets a message from the shopper informing them of the condition, and the customer may decide to replace it with something else or may opt for a refund from Aldi for those missing items.


Aldi provides a grocery pickup facility to its customers in almost 700 locations of the U.S. to pick up their ready orders. Aldi customers just have to order their groceries online through instacart and provide extra instructions if there are any. the instacart shopper’s shop items on behalf of the customers.

This facility provides customers with the convenience of picking up their orders whenever they are available and getting ready items without spending time shopping for items in the store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: Do you have to carry your bags for curbside pickup at Aldi?

No, Aldi provides groceries in Aldi bags.

Q.2: Are there any additional fees for order pickup at Aldi?

Yes, Aldi charges an additional fee of $1.99 for curbside pickup of orders above $35.

Q.3: Is an Aldi pickup available near me?

Aldi provides a curbside pickup facility in 700 locations in the U.S. You can check if it is available near you or not.

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