Where is Gnocchi in Walmart and other grocery stores?

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Gnocchi is an Italian pasta dish typically made out of potatoes or flour and served with a sauce. Walmart provides a variety of groceries to help you with several cuisines from around the world and the succulently luscious Italian Gnocchi is available at walmart. Read more Where is Gnocchi in Walmart and other grocery stores?

But wondering where exactly in Walmart or other grocery stores?

Walmart is too huge to find things in a jiff. But thanks to the perfectly organised aisles which are going to make our jobs easy. One could find Gnocchi in the pasta aisle or authentic Italian ingredients aisle. You can almost always find gnocchi sitting right next to the pasta aisle in your local grocery stores. Don’t forget to check out the refrigerator section or frozen food aisle too. Sometimes cheese aisles could be having Gnocchi. So check out the speciality cheese sections for its availability. 

Which is the best selling Gnocchi at Walmart?

There are countless range of Gnocchis available in Walmart and some of the best selling Gnocchis are Sam’s Choice Italia Potato Gnocchi, Gia Russa Gnocchi with Potato, Bartenura Potato Gnocchi, Del Destino Potato Gnocchi etc, providing the authentic and bold Italian taste.

If you couldn’t locate Gnocchi or if the stores ran out of Gnocchi then you could always find some in online stores.

Other stores that sell Gnocchi : 

  • Walmart : You can find both frozen and fresh versions of Gnocchi so go for the frozen sections or pasta aisles at Walmart for gnocchi. 
  • Italian grocery stores You can either find imported or freshly made gnocchi at an Italian grocery store round the clock. Italian markets are the best source to buy some authentic Gnocchi. You can also buy some fresh Italian herbs and seasonings to add to your Gnocchi dish.
  • Whole Foods : Check out for the authentic Bella Terra Organic Potato Gnocchi usually going to be located in the pasta aisle.
  • Amazon : Downright, one can find almost anything and everything in Amazon.
  • Safeway : check for the De Cecco in the dry pasta aisle.
  • Trader Joe’s : One can find fresh and frozen Gnocchi in Trader Joe’s so go ahead and Check the freezers and pasta aisle.
  • Kroger : Kroger has humongous varieties of gnocchi. Check the pasta aisles or frozen sections. 

So yeah, Happy Gnocchi shopping. 

How to make Gnocchi?

Once you get your hands on buying Gnocchi in a store, It’s time to cook up some delicious meal. Put some water on the stove and add a couple of drops of any oil (I prefer olive oil) to avoid Gnocchi sticking together. Add some salt and stir it super gently for just a couple of times. Once the water starts boiling, add Gnocchi and boil them until they start floating on the surface. Remove Gnocchi from the stove after about a minute in the water.You can serve Gnocchi with your desired sauce but no one could resist to fall in love with this simple yet authentic butter tossed Gnocchi. Just toss the boiled Gnocchi In butter till golden brown and season it with some sage. 

You can always add some chilli if you want to spice it up a bit. 

Bon Appétit!

What is the Best Sauce for Gnocchi?

This is going to be tough. With a wide variety of sauces out there, It’s really hard to choose just one. But Gnocchi are usually great with thick textured sauces, drenched in butter and seasoned with sage. For me, Gnocchi tossed in thick tomato sauce and seasoned with fresh basil tops ;). 

Why should one definitely give Gnocchi a try?

If you are a pastaholic and if you have a sophisticated palette then Gnocchi is for you. Gnocchi, for many, tastes familiar like any other fancy pasta dish. Gnocchi is super light, rich, creamy, and has a subtle flavour. Gnocchi dish is mainly adored due to its pleasing texture and also Gnocchi is slightly healthier than your typical pasta. One can taste the authentic Italian delicacy and get to know why this dish is so popular in Italy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Gnocchi typically eaten? 

  1. Gnocchi is typically boiled and served with any sauce as a first course or even as a side dish.

What is Gnocchi dough made of?

  1. Gnocchi dough is made out of flour, eggs, potatoes and other similar ingredients. 

Which Gnocchi is the best?

  1.  De Cecco Semolina Pasta, Gnocchi is considered as the best and authentic Gnocchi available. 

What does Gnocchi taste like?

  1. Since potatoes are the main ingredient in the making of Gnocchi, the dish usually tastes mostly like potatoes and the texture is quiet similar to a potato mash.

Is Gnocchi healthier than pasta?

  1. Yes, normal white pasta is actually more carb-loaded than gnocchi.

Is Gnocchi-gluten free?

  1. No. Gnocchi contain eggs, wheat flour and potatoes. Hence, Gnocchi is not gluten free.
Where is Gnocchi in Walmart and other grocery stores?

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