Sam’s Club Tire Warranty-All You Need to Know

Sam’s Club Tire Warranty

If you’re a vehicle owner, you know how significant tires are. They face constant wear and tear. They become rugged, flat, experience frequent punctures, and so much more while rotating on the roads. So, when we buy new tires- we expect them to be good and last long. 

Sam’s club is known for providing a variety of merchandise to its members. From pieces of jewellery and mattresses to groceries, they have it all. And, so of course, they provide great deals on tires too. 

Sam’s Club provides a Workman-ship and material warranty to private and light-weight truck tires. They provide reparations to tear damage and offer replacements. In the case of tire replacement, extra charges may apply. It also includes tire installation charges. 

In the long run, sturdy tires are vital. Your vehicle thrives on good quality tires, running extra miles on rugged terrains. Tire warranties can seem quite complex at first glance, but they aren’t all that hard to understand. This article is your guide to purchasing good tires and claiming a warranty when they face severe damage. 

What is A Tire Warranty?

So, what is a tire warranty? A warranty is basically a written assurance that an item will work just fine for a specified period. If the item incurs any damage or demands repair within this time frame, the company will bear the cost of repairs. 

A Tire warranty works in a similar manner. 

However, instead of just time, tire warranties are of different types. 

  • Time: Unlike other everyday items, a tire warranty is at least a year long. It can span a period of 2 to 4 years.
  • Mileage: Mileage warranties are standard when it comes to tires. The sellers will cover your reparations costs if the tire wears out before it completes running for the guaranteed mile. 
  • Workman-ship/ Material: Material warranties compensate the buyers if the user faces excessive wear and tear (approximately 75% more than what the tears were at the time of buying) within a specified time. 

These are the most basic types of tire warranty available in the market. Recently, many sellers have started providing a “satisfaction guarantee.” If you believe that you’re “unsatisfied,” then you are free to return the tires. Terms and conditions can differ from seller to seller. 

Sam’s Club Tire Warranty

Sam’s Club tire services are available at all of their outlets. Extra benefits are available for Sam’s Club membership holders. 

Sam’s Club offers a workman-ship and material tire warranty.

Workman-ship and Material

  • Passenger and light truck tires have a warranty of up to four years. Sam’s Club also considers the limited warranty provided by the manufacturers. 
  • You will be eligible for compensation if your tire faces severe wear and tear within the timeframe of the warranty. 
  • At the time of claiming a warranty, you will have to provide proof of your purchase. If you’re unable to provide a purchase receipt, Sam’s Club will consider the date of manufacture as your purchase date.

Tread Wear

  • Sam’s Club offers replacement if the tire faces exceptional tread wear within the warranty time frame.
  • You can confirm your tread wear through a treadwear indicator: 2/32nds of an inch or less of the tread remaining
  • A pro-rated charge applies on tire replacement based on the vehicle mileage.
  • Tire installation costs apply to replacement.

Sam’s Club Tire Installation Package

  • The Sam’s Club tire installation package gives its member several benefits. These benefits include:
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance: Ever been stuck in the middle of nowhere? In case of emergency, Sam’s Club is just a call away. 
  • Tire Rotation: If your tire meets the tread requirements, Sam’s Club will rotate it for you, free of charge.
  • Flat Tire Repair: Lifetime repair for flat tires if your tire meets its tread requirements.

What’s Not Covered: Exceptions

Sam’s Club policies have a few exceptions. Here are a few limitations which make you ineligible for claiming a tire warranty-

  1. Tires that have been mounted incorrectly.
  2. Tires exposed to hazardous road injuries resulting in snags, bruises, or punctures on impact
  3. Any mechanical irregularity in the tire
  4. Exposing tires to chemical corrosion or accidents.
  5. Weather infused damage.
  6. Commercial vehicle tires do not carry a warranty. 

Apart from these exceptions, tires are also subject to terms and conditions. 


Sam’s Club offers a repair guarantee and replacement deals in case of tear down. The treadwear down should be below 2/32nds of an inch or less of the tread remaining. 

They also cover material and workman defects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I check my Tire Warranty?

Your tire warranty is provided when you buy a new tire. 

Q2. How do I make a warranty claim?

To make warranty claims for tires purchased at Sam’s Club, visit TBC.

Sam’s Club Tire Warranty-All You Need to Know

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