Does CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards?

Does CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards?

In this article we will find answer to your question ‘Does CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards?’.

Does CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards?

CVS or Consumer Value Store is an American multinational corporation. The corporation mainly deals in pharmaceuticals but you can easily find your favorite skincare picks and daily merchandise. CVS pharmacy believes in providing budget-friendly products for the public and the natural revenue they generate is 80% of products related to feminine beauty and hygiene. The next favorite product in-store is gift cards. You can easily find yourself surrounded by hundreds of gift cards from various brands. 

Does the list contain Sephora too?

No. Unfortunately, you’ll not find Sephora gift cards at any CVS Store.


Sephora is a French multinational store which deals in beauty and skincare products. Sephora has its presence in 32 countries. With the popularity and trust gained over years, Sephora has started selling skincare and beauty products under its brand name Sephora. You can find everything from skincare to makeup and cosmetics, perfumes, and lotions, haircare, literally, everything on the shelf. The next reason of choice is flexible return and exchange policies. Sephora can be considered an indirect competitor of CVS. Sephora has an equal craze among teens and adults who rely more on expensive luxurious brands for their daily utilization. 

Why CVS doesn’t sell Sephora gift cards?

The primary reason why you won’t find a Sephora gift card at CVS is them is an indirect competitor. CVS and Sephora get their main source of revenue from products driven for feminine use. CVS is a budget store offering products at minimal cost to its customers. Therefore the card they sell at stores is majorly from non-competitive stores that are cost-effective, serving the value of CVS. Even if we won’t find Sephora gift cards at CVS, the warehouse has a plethora of options in other categories to choose from. 

Where can I find Sephora’s gift card?

Sephora is a luxury retail store. Selling different high-end expensive skincare products in addition to their releases in the field of skincare. Urban Decay, Lancome Cosmetics, The Balm Cosmetics, Dior, Smashbox, etc are a few opulent products owned by different brands. Gift cards are in trend and are considered more polite to gift cards instead of cash. Also, this allows the recipient to choose according to their will and requirement.

Sephora gift cards are an easy catch in stores like Walmart, JCPenny, Lowe’s, and many more. Sephora has its stores in decent locations of the States. If you reside near the Sephora store, their no best place to get a gift card at the designated store itself. Visit the gifting section and you can easily find gift cards for any brand they deal in.

Which brand is similar to Sephora and its gift cards are available at CVS?

You can find hundreds of options in the CVS gifting section. Ranging from clothing to entertainment and leisure. In the line of beauty and skincare cards, one can easily see The BODY SHOP, DCW, Massage Envy, Spa Week, Claire’s, and more. Look for the gifting and entertainment section at any CVS store. Move towards beauty and skincare to locate all your favorite brands and favorite gifting options too. The Body Shop and DCW are some of the most used product brands in the States. 


The main target audience of CVS is Women. You can find many favorite brands lying on the shelves including The Body Shop, DCW, and other products introduced by pharmaceutical companies. On the other end, Sephora is a culturally advanced brand that deals in the highly sophisticated products of their name with other brands too. Sephora is an indirect competitor of CVS. Both are a master of feminine products selling out their competitors’ gift cards is not appreciable. Hence, CVS never sells Sephora gift cards at their stores.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find gift cards at CVS?                                                                            

You can easily find gift cards for various brands at any CVS store. Move towards the gifting section and then look for gift cards under various sections — entertainment, beauty, fashion, kid’s attire, etc. 

What gift card does CVS sell?                                                                                     

You can find a multitude of options to buy gift cards from CVS. Sports, clothing, kid’s clothing, and accessories, beauty and skincare, application, games, restaurants, travel gift cards, home, and garden decor accessories, departmental stores, and, electronics

Do CVS gift cards have a validity date?                                                                          

Gift cards in the majority have 5 years of validity post-purchase. But, the value of the card keeps deteriorating post a 12-month tenure. Different fees like dormancy or fee of inactivity might be charged. Therefore, consider using your gift cards in a year to avoid any unpleasant circumstances. 

Does Sephora sell The Body Shop products?                                                            

Yes, customers can easily find The Body Shop product at Sephora. The Body Shop is a reasonable brand you can find at both the stores- CVS and Sephora. 

Does CVS Sell Sephora Gift Cards?

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