Uber Eats Refund

Uber Eats Refund

We all are aware of uber cars, but very few of us know about uber eats.  In this article we will see about Uber Eats Refund. 

Uber eats is an online food ordering platform that was launched by uber in 2014. Uber eats connects us with a broad range of local restaurants and food joints so that you can order your favorites whenever you feel like at your convenient time and place. There are several times when we have to cancel our order due to various reasons. In that case you want to request a refund but don’t know the policies and procedures to do so. Here are the details regarding how and when you can request a refund at uber eats. 

How to get a refund?

When you cancel the order, it usually takes one to five business days to refund your money, and you will get a full refund only when the restaurant did not start preparing the order, or you got the wrong order. Sometimes even the driver cancels the order; in that case there are chances your money will be refunded.

To get a refund first, you need to cancel the order, and you can easily cancel it by going to my orders. It is better to cancel it as soon as possible only when there are probable chances of getting a full return, otherwise only the delivery charges will be refunded. And sometimes even the refunds are delayed due to various reasons. 

If the order is canceled immediately after placing it, there are chances that the money will be refunded fully or partially or sometimes only the delivery charge. 

A few circumstances where your money will be refunded:

1. The order wasn’t delivered

2. Something is missing.

3. The order is wrong

4. The delivery guy canceled the order.


1. Open the app and go to the order section and find the name of the driver and fill in the responses. 

2. Describe what was wrong with the delivery and then submit it.

3. And the refund process will be initiated.

4. The refund process usually takes 3-5 days 

5. Though it is not sure that you will get a refund and how much time will it take for the money to be refunded.

How long does it take to get your refund?

After you cancel your order, it is quite possible that the money would be refunded partially or wholly within 3-5 business days, but the time varies, and there is no surety that your money will be refunded within 5 days, and the refund of the money depends on various banks. So in that, your bank statements are timely to see if your money has been refunded, you can also contact your bank if the refund is delayed. You can also contact the restaurant if the money isn’t refunded. You can call the helpline and complain about the issue, and they will try to resolve your problems as soon as possible.

Is there a limit for the refund?

There is a limit for every account, and only 2 refunds are allowed, and if a person requests refunds multiple times, there are probable chances that the account will be blocked from further refunds. There are times when your account only gets blocked, and you cannot order anymore from that account. So you should keep in mind all the facts and never falsely claim anything or ask for refunds unnecessarily. 


Uber tries to provide as much convenience to the customer as possible, but there are a few circumstances where the refund is not quite possible, like when your order is packed or is out for delivery, then there is no refund, only the delivery charges will be refunded to you. It is usually not quite possible every time that the money will be returned, but if your issue is genuine, you will get your refund either your money or you are in uber credits.

Sometimes they cancel orders when there is no person for delivery, in that case the money is refunded. But before canceling any order, you should always know the conditions and policies. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Can I get a refund if the uber eats takes too long?

Ans: if the reason is genuine, they refund you the amount in the form of uber credits, but if you frequently ask for refunds, your account may get blocked from further refunds 

2. How many times can I claim a missing order on uber eats?

Ans: there is no limit, but you cannot falsely claim missing orders, and if you do so, restaurants can investigate and have the charges put back.

3. How can you complain about uber eats?

Ans: you can complain about it on the app. On the bottom right click on help with a delivered order and click on the problem from their list. And then submit it, you can also contact the helpline number and complain about it.

Uber Eats Refund

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